Founder & President

The main attributions of the Founder and President of ULK are :

To legally represent ULK
To appoint and dismiss members of the Administration Board
To appoint and dismiss academic and administrative executives of the university except those who are elected by Deans of faculties and Heads of the departments
To ratify activities, programmes, and ULK budget
To decide about the university’s investments and extension
To decide about the Masters and Doctorate studies
To manage RWIGAMBA BALINDA’s foundation, and
To confer academic titles, award merits and excellence titles. Etc.

Auditing Committee

The Auditing Committee is in charge of controlling academic matters, bank accounts, finances and the quality of services provided by ULK. It is made up of an auditing staff.

For the sake of the smooth running of the above mentioned establishments, observations and recommendations made by the auditors are regularly transmitted to heads of the entities or services concerned and related decisions taken as soon as possible.


Founder and President of ULK.

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