Director of Research and Postgraduate Studies

Dear visitors,
As the Officer in Charge of Postgraduate, Research and Consultancy at Kigali Independent University ULK, it is my privilege and honor to welcome you all to this page. This also triggers me to share with you what my office strives to embrace.
As the name has it, my office mainly deals with issues having to do with postgraduate studies, research and consultancy. As far as postgraduate is concerned, nine (9) programs are currently running at this university. As a matter of illustration, the programs in question are as follows:
• Master of Science in Internet Systems
• Master of Public International Law
• Master of International Economics and Business Law
• Master of Development Studies
• Master of Science in Economics
• Master of Accounting
• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Finance
• Master of Governance
The above programs were given a priority owing to the world’s needs in terms of workforce. As the express purpose of Kigali Independent University ULK is to produce quality graduates who satisfy the market place with the needed knowledge and skills, we found it worthwhile to launch the above programs so as to fully meet this objective.
However, there are no boundaries as far as the programs expected to be run by the university are concerned. In other words, more programs are yet to be added to the list and all will depend on what the labour market needs. We are forever proud to be diligently serving the world with quality service it needs.
As for research and consultancy, we walk the same path world class universities walk. It is in this respect that we believe that research and consultancy should be at the heart of the services done by the university. Like any other world class university, research is what determines how visionary and pro-people we are. We are always concerned with issues related to bettering people’s lives and in so doing; we encourage our staff and the world at large to conduct research so as to find solutions to the most pressing problems that impinge on people’s lives.
Besides, for those who are not equipped with the know-how, I mean those with little knowledge on how scientific research is conducted, we have put in place consultancy services to help them become researchers too. To this, we equip them with knowledge and skills on how to conduct a scientific research whose findings are commendable.
Therefore, I would like to encourage the general public to timely make the right choice and join this university whose infrastructure and staff meet world education sector standards.

May God richly bless you all!

Director Post Graduate Studies, Research and Consultancy
Kigali Independent University ULK

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