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    On 3rd June 2017, three students from Kigali Independent University ULK, Kigali Campus, won a debate challenge on environment. It was a competition organized by Gasore Serge Foundation to find out how much students from across the country are informed as far as environment is concerned.

    A few days before the debate competition, participants had to pass through the pre-selection stage whereby they all had to write an essay on the theme which goes, ‘Importance of reforestation in Rwanda’. This essay competition saw many academic institutions from all corners of the country take part and ULK students did not miss out. Those who passed the essay writing competition were called for a two day training session before the debate competition could take place.

    Three ULK students, members of the Debate Club, represented the university to this competition which was running for the very first time. The students in question are; IRANYURANYA Emery Ascension (ULK Debate Club President, Year 1 Social Sciences), SHYAKA Rayson (Year 1 Social Sciences) and MUKARAGE Kevin (Year 3 International Relations).

    During the pre-selection phase, all ULK students proved their essay writing skills and marveled the examiners who could do nothing else other than considering them for the oral competition which was to be held at Kalisimbi Hotel in the City of Kigali.


    One of the adjudicators giving instructions

    One of the adjudicators giving instructions

    Having made it through to the debate competition, the 3 ULK students had to meet 5 more students selected from the rest of the country to make it 8 altogether. With eight debaters, it was now possible to organize a parliamentary debate competition with 4 teams of 2 debaters each.

    As soon as the groups were formed, the competition kicked off and the debaters had to show their standing and try to convince both the audience and judges on the motion which goes, “This house should ban the importation of industrially processed forest products”.

    It was a tight and tough competition as each and every team vied for winning it while individual debaters shook earth and heaven to emerge best debaters.


    Smiles on their lips with certificates in their hands (Photo

    Smiles on their lips with certificates in their hands (Photo

    All that has a beginning certainly has an end. At the end of the day, the adjudicators took some minutes to accumulate their marks and thereafter disclose the names of the winners. What gladdened ULK debaters and their fans is that among the three awards that were to be handed to winners, two of them went to ULK debaters with MUKARAGE Kevin walking away with Best Debater Award while SHYAKA Jesse Rayson scooped Best Talented Debater Award.  Also, certificates were handed to the 8 finalist debaters to recognize their role in the competition.

    Gasore Serge, Founder of Gasore Serge Foundation (Photo

    Gasore Serge, Founder of Gasore Serge Foundation (Photo

    As underscored by Gasore Serge, Founder of Gasore Serge Foundation, the official awarding ceremony will take place in Bugesera District on 11th June, 2017 where the debaters will join residents in that area to plant trees so as to make the area look green.

    Debater MUKARAGE Keving being awarded by Gasore Serge (Photo

    Debater MUKARAGE Keving being awarded by Gasore Serge (Photo

    Good to say, the culture of debating has become part and parcel of ULK students ‘lives to the extent that winning competitions is for them a walk in the park.

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    Yesterday, on 31st May 2017, ULK/Gisenyi Campus Students had a great privilege to be briefed on the role of Electronic Billing Machines (EBM) in promoting tax compliance in Rwanda. The presentatation was given by Mr. MBERA Emmy, Cordinator of EBM in RRA.

    To kick off, Mr. MBERA Emmy made it clear the EBM, which is an IT based invoicing system, came to sort out demerits of the manual or paper based invoicing system that Rwandans had been using in years. Such demerits include among others; forgery of invoices resulting into unreported sales and undue VAT refund claims, double sales invoice books (especial large, medium or small family owned businesses), cost and time taken during tax audits, lack of transparency in the course of tax audits, etc. The presentor went on to state and elaborate on benefits of EBM. No wonder, anyone will tell in view of the limitations of using the manual invoicing system.

    RRA EBM Workshop at ULK Gisenyi Campus

    Moving on to the the role of Electronic Billing Machines (EBM) in promoting tax compliance in Rwanda , Mr. MBERA told the gathering that  the situation is promising. However, he said that EBM is still facing challenges. Hence, the contributition of university students to promoting EBM is of utmost value.

    He said, 

    EBM performance is good when you go up the ladder from the year of its implementation in Rwanda in 2013. Anyway, it still faces certain challenges. As such, you’re expected to contribute to promoting EBM by requesting an EBM invoice for any item you buy, denouncing any individual or company not issuing EBM invoice, advocating and constituting EBM and tax ambassadors in universities and communities, etc.

    In his closing remarks, Prof. Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel urged the students in attendance to academically benefit from the presentation.

    “It’s blindingly obvious that a university without conferences such this is like a dead university. I hope you’ve  specifically maximized the utility of today’s presentation. Several  dissertation topics can be set from  today’s presentation. So, I urge you to take good note of those topics from which to choose when you’ll be deciding on which topic to work on,” he briefed the students.

    Prof. Dr Cyeze Emmanuel during EBM Workshop at ULK Gisenyi Campus


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    On 25th May of every year, ULK/Gisenyi Campus walks to remember the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in 1994. It is in this framework that yesterday, on 25th May 2017, the entire ULK/Gisenyi Community made it to Sebeya River to pay tribute to the Tutsi who were thrown in it after being slaughtered during the above mentioned tragedy.

    The procession started at the campus yard and went on straight along the main road past Rubavu District Headquarters. The Campus officials, teaching staff, administrative staff, support workers, students, associations and clubs, all joined the procession. None was left behind expect security agents.


    Upon reaching Sebeya River Bank, few heart-stricken briefings were made by Mr. Dan Turanzinze, the MC. It followed that different dignitaries laid down flowers over the river. That being done, the gathering set off back to the campus to hear the talk for the occasion as well as testimonies from some survivors there present.


    During the meeting at the campus, different officials (among whom Prof. Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel) were given the floor. In their remarks, they all highlighted the fact that Rwandans should learn from what their country went through in 1994 to build a bright tomorrow, a tomorrow free of discrimination of any sort.


    Speaking on the occasion, Mr. RUGOMBOKA, a delegate from Rubavu District and Guest of Honor specifically focused on the theme of the theme pertaining to this year’s commemoration: “Remember the Genocide against the Tutsi ­ Fight Genocide Ideology ­ Build on Our Progress.”

    He emphatically said, 

    Our country has made commendable progress in all sectors. Indeed it’s all about progress beyond imagination owing to the fact the country nearly started from scratch. Being on the right track, we shouldn’t turn back. Let’s keep moving forward and sustain the progress made so far.

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    As the whole world is getting to commemorate WED (World Environment Day), on 24th May 2017 REMA (Rwanda Environment Management) sent an expert, Mr. Jean Luc,  at ULK/Gisenyi Campus to give a talk that aimed at raising awareness on emerging environmental issues and encouraging action for the protection of environment.

    After disclosing WED 2017 Theme -Connecting people to nature- Jean Luc reminded the audience that WED is an annual event where the UN Environment seeks to make the biggest global call and mobilization for positive environment action. He went further stating and elaborating on emerging environmental issues from pollution, global warming, and so forth. Conclusively, Mr. Jean Luc urged all the people in attendance to ascertain they partake in greening, beautifying their environment, thus making it a safe place to live.


    “It goes without saying that the earth is subject to various environmental issues, such as pollution, climate change, etc. Sad to say, man is responsible for some of these environmental issues. People are influencing nature in a way or another. It’s high time, anyway, that each and everyone should stand more than willing to take positive action for greening and beatifying our environment (…….)”
     he underscored.

    Good enough, Jean Luc eventually praised ULK for the efforts combined to keep its campuses green and beautiful by planting lawns and trees.

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    The recently concluded summit, Transform Africa, which had attracted people from all walks of life, did not only attract diplomats and high profile politicians but it also attracted  future decision makers, i.e. young people with promising potentials. Among the young people who had such a privilege to attend such a great event are students from Kigali Independent University ULK.

    The summit, which kick-started on 10th May, 2017 and climaxed on 12th of the same month was the third of its kind as the first ever Transform Africa Summit was hosted by Rwanda back in 2015.

    Kigali Independent University ULK being one of the universities whose fame lives in the minds of many Rwandans and those beyond the oceans, could not be left aside when it came to inviting participants. Having received the invitation, the university delegated 9 students who were led by Mr. Jean Baptiste MANIRAKIZA, Director of the Language Center at Kigali Independent University ULK.

    The 9 ULK students who graced the glamorous event are IRANYURANYA Emery Ascension, BERABOSE Aline, MUKARAGE Kevin, HABUMUGISHA MURAGIJIMANA Innocent, KABERUKA Eunice, NISHIMWE Ariane, SINGIZWA Fiacre, SHYAKA Jesse Rayson and Evariste.

    When the summit reached its end, ULK delegates got together to share what they gained from the event that will remain in the minds of many.

    Asked to share his experience, IRANYURANYA Emery Ascension, who is also the president of ULK Debate Club, said that what he learnt from the summit is beyond describing. He added that it was for him an opportunity to learn from leaders from across the globe on how leadership acts. He went further to say that meeting new people was an experience worth saluting.

    ” I got an opportunity to attend crucial sessions led by high government officials, investors, etc. where the decisions made are implemented in different countries and affect millions of people”, he proudly said.

    “As a student of Year 1 Social Sciences who plans to continue with International Relations in the following two years, Transform Africa Summit was the best place to be for me to know, to find out more about diplomacy, negotiating,…, things I will be handling in my post student life and career”, added Emery with beams of smiles on his lips.

    As disclosed by the Minister of Youth and ICT, Hon. Jean Philbert NSENGIMANA, the next Transform Africa Summit will take place from 9 May, 2018 up to 11 May, 2018. It is indeed obvious to have ULK delegates to once again participate and suggest solutions for the most pressing problems our beloved continent faces.

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    Around 150 secondary school leavers from College Mwanga/Goma, accompanied by their teachers, made it to ULK/Gisenyi Campus on Friday, 12th May 2017. The visit was carried out in the framework of reinforcing the partnership that the university has been nourishing with secondary schools operating in Goma City, oSecondary School students visit ULK Gisenyi (2)ver the years.

    Upon their arrival at the campus, DVC Academics, Prof Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel briefed them on ULK principles and values. Good to say, the visitors were pleased to get to know that ULK is an institution that lays its foundation on constructive principles and values.

    It followed that Mr. KABASHA Medard, Academic Director and Public Relations Officer, showed the visitors around the campus. They marvelled at all that the campus can call its own; lecture rooms, equipment, name it. Interestingly, many of the pupils vowed to  join ULK next academic year.

    Guess what! Many more secondary schools operating in Goma City are yet expected to come over and visit the campus.


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    Yesterday, 15th May 2017, ULK/Gisenyi Staff members alongside UTB/Gisenyi staff members were honored to hear from three parliamentarians from Rwanda Senate; Hon. HARERIMANA Fatu (Vice President of the Senate and Head of the Delegation), Hon. KARIMBA Zephelin and Hon.  MUSHINZIMANA Apollinaire. Their talk aimed at reminding participants of the fundamental principles of the constitution of the Republic of Rwanda.

    Participants were reminded that the fundamental principles of the constitution of the Republic of Rwanda are six altogether, notably: 1° fighting the ideology of genocide and all its manifestations; 2° eradication of ethnic, regional and other divisions and promotion of national unity; 3° equitable sharing of power; 4° building a state governed by the rule of law, a pluralistic democratic government, equality of all Rwandans and between women and men reflected by ensuring that women are granted at least thirty per cent of posts in decision making organs; 5° building a State committed to promoting social welfare and establishing appropriate mechanisms for ensuring social justice; 6° the constant quest for solutions through dialogue and consensus.

    Prof. Dr CYEZE Emmanuel parliamentarians visit

    As a matter of fact, these parliamentarians spoke in turns while elaborating on the above mentioned fundamental principles. In her clear-cut presentation, Hon. HARERIMANA Fatu requested lecturers in attendance to ascertain they remain aware of those principles, and most importantly take time to impart them to their students.

    After a warm questions-and-answers session, DVC Academics thanked the presenters and called it a day. A note should be made that the three parliamentarians are yet to address ULK Students today, 16th April 2017.

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    On 10th May 2017, a cross section of ULK community made a big queue not to go for polls but for a walk to remember the lives that perished during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. It is a procession that kick-started from the main Campus of the university to Gisozi Memorial Site.

    Once at the memorial site, they were given the historical background of the site to better know why the site was erected. They also toured the site to clearly witness how Tutsis were mercilessly killed in the genocide. As one of the staff at the memorial site said, the site was put in place to embrace a number of goals which include that of paying tribute to the victims.

    The procession headed back to the campus shortly after laying wreaths on the graves. At the campus, they all gathered in the university stadium for remarks, testimonies, and songs from various people.

    In his commemoration songs, Mr. Bonhomme , Rwandan artist, spiced up  the program of the day as he could be called forward for conveying comforting and encouraging message through his vocals.

    In his biblical message, Pastor Olivier KAYITARE, compared what happened in Rwanda to the horrors encountered by the Jewish community in Egypt when the King ordered that all male children should be killed. As he said quoting the biblical book of Exodus, while killings were intensifying, one woman gave birth to a male child and hid him near the river. When the King’s daughter went to the river for bathing, she saw the handsome looking boy and she felt merciful to the extent that she vowed to bring up the young boy.  It is this young boy who would be named Moses and thereafter be tasked by the Almighty God to rescue Israelites and take them to the Promised Land.

    The pastor linked this incident to the Rwandan experience and said that Moses has his brothers and sisters here in Rwanda because some young men and women also survived the killings and they are now soldiering on with hope for a better tomorrow.

    In his remarks, Col. JOMBA, narrated how he and his fellow RPF troops embarked on the liberation struggle without sufficient means but with a sound reason, liberating the country from bad leadership. As he said, he always feels proud to have been part of that struggle which put end to the genocide and reshaped the country’s destiny where every Rwandan has a room. He also urged young people to emulate the example of their rescuers by behaving decently and upholding ethical values.

    Col. JOMBA at ULK 2017

    “I’ve what to boast for. I have been part of those who liberated the country and stopped the genocide. You should also strive to do what is right and avoid behaving indecently so that you may have what to rejoice for in the days ahead”, he told them.

    The testimony by Therèse MUKANKWIYE left many with tears glistening in their eyes after narrating how she spent three nights in a field of sorghum and witnessed a dog licking a wound she had sustained when killers hit a club on her leg.

    Many other speakers such as AYINKAMIYE Benoitte from the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide, Emmanuel TWAHIRWA, AERG National Coordinator, Claude HATUNGIMANA, AERG ULK, echoed their message which centered on the idea that it is worthwhile to remember the genocide so that we may stand firm to prevent it from happening again. They also urged young people to always cherish love, unity and the spirit of brotherhood so as to ensure a genocide free country in the days to come.

    Dr. Ezechiel SEKIBIBI, Vice Chancellor of ULK, who was also the guest of honor, thanked each and everyone for having valued and honored the walk to remember and urged them to draw a good example from what was done by the then RPF INKOTANYI troops who rescued the country and gave it a promising direction.

    It is the statement of the guest of honor that marked the end of the function.