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    Cognizance with how things are done has always been the catalyst towards registering greater strides in any undertaking. Aware of this, Rwanda Regulatory Utilities Authority (RURA) sent its messengers to raise ULK community awareness on the functioning of this state organization. The event was hosted by Kigali Independent University ULK on 7th November 2019 with MUKAMURERA Veneranda, Senior Manager in Charge of Consumer Protection, heading the delegation from RURA.

    As MUKAMURERA said, RURA was established with a mandate to ensure fair competition among utility service providers, consumer rights promotion and protection, licensing services, to mention but a few.

    She also added that ever since RURA was initiated, a lot has been achieved. For instance, legal and regulatory tools have been availed, discouraging fraudsters who might swindle consumers, instructing some service providers the dos and don’ts in service provision industry, etc.

    “We’ve gone the extra mile in regulating some companies such as the telecoms what they should do and what they shouldn’t do. Currently, telecom subscribers no longer receive several adverts on their cell phones as it was before. We’ve instructed the telecoms to limit messages since subscribers were unhappy with this”, she told the participants.

    MUKAMURERA also added that some of the causes of complaints among service consumers include breaking contract terms, poor quality service, billing issues, poor customer care, and service billing, name it. On this point, she said that whoever breaches the agreed contract faces penalties since RURA monitors the smooth delivery of services in line with terms and conditions in place.

    When the lecture touched its end, the students turned out staggeringly to ask questions. All questions were answered and a hotline (3988) and electronic address were disclosed for those who might wish to petition the institution in the days ahead.

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    On 31st October 2019, Kigali Independent University ULK hosted a public lecture on the benefits of saving. The lecture was delivered by a three man delegation from the Central Bank of Rwanda (BNR) and Ejo Heza Pension Scheme. The delegation was led by Dr. Bigirimana Moise, Manager of Financial Inclusion Education and Consumer Protection at BNR.

    Upon their arrival, they were welcomed by the Director of Administration and Finance, NSENGIYUMVA Jacques, who thanked them for their time to address the entire ULK community on a topic of utmost value. After his welcome remarks, Dr. BIGIRIMANA Moise grabbed the microphone to deliver his message.

    In his talk, Dr. BIGIRIMANA told the audience that their visit came at the time when the world was closing the World Saving Week whose theme is, “Save for a Better Future.” He went further and defined what financial inclusion means. As he said, financial inclusion is defined as having access to a transaction account. Borrowing a leaf from this definition, he called upon the audience to uphold the culture of saving by bearing in mind that before spending one’s money, it is good too, first of all, save at least 10% of the amount.

    “ There is a widely known saying which goes,’ you shouldn’t save what remains after spending but you should spend what remains after saving”, he told the gathering.

    The message by NDANAMIRA Jean Claude, who was with Dr. BIGIRIMANA, mainly centered on the benefits found in Ejo Heza Pension Scheme. As he said, Ejo Heza affiliates get numerous benefits such as giving around one million francs to the family that has lost a close relative, pension fees upon turning 55 years old, disability benefits to members disabled by various circumstances, to mention but a few.

    “Some people find it hard to retire owing to the fact that they didn’t plan for their retirement. To avoid falling in the same trap, you need to start saving from today. With your mobile money account, you can save for your retirement age and live knowing that you will retire with dignity”, he told the audience.

    The event climaxed in a question answer session with some students wishing to know how to register for Ejo Heza benefits and NDANAMIRA gave them the registration code, *506#, which many students quickly dialed as soon as it was disclosed.



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    Today, 29th October 2019, ULK/Gisenyi community was honored to hear from executive secretary of RUBAVU District, Mr. RUHAMYAMBUGA Olivier.

    Mr. RUHAMYAMBUGA Olivier, the executive secretary of RUBAVU District was being warmly welcomed in ULK.

    To start with Mr. RUHAMYAMBUGA Olivier thanked the university’s management for having allowed him to address students on an issue of great importance. Still there, he thanked the students for having availed themselves in spite of their tight studying schedules and he realized it very well because Olivier himself studied in ULK. So he is a ware of hard task students from ULK might be having.

    Mr. RUHAMYAMBUGA Olivier, the executive secretary of Rubavu district addressing the audience.

    As a matter of fact, he mentioned different reason why unity and reconciliation ought to be taught to younger generation since, in ahead, they are the ones who will build and protect Rwanda country. His talk was centered on not only the history of Rwanda before, during, and after colonial period but also the journey of unity and reconciliation through “Ndi Umunyarwanda program”. “Genocide destroyed the relationship which marked Rwandans from long ago” said the executive secretary. Therefore, it is our duties and responsibilities to fight against the genocide ideology.

    In addition, Mr. RUHAMYAMBUGA Olivier made it clear that the genocide against the tutsi was, on the one hand, mainly perpetrated by young people and it was, on the other hand, stopped by young people. Hence, young people have to play a pivotal role in ensuring the genocide never occurs in Rwanda again and this; will be achieved when younger generation adopts the culture of working together without being characterized by divisionism.

    In the middle, Mr. RUHAMYAMBUGA Olivier ,the executive secretary of Rubavu district; his right,Mr. François MUGISHA, district coordinator of “itorero” and community mobilization,  his left, ISHEMA Pierre, the Director of Academic Affairs of ULK Gisenyi Campus.

    Conclusively, Mr. RUHAMYAMBUGA Olivier ,the executive secretary of RUBAVU District , called upon the students, intellectual youth, to join their hands through different organization and clubs (youth volunteers, itorero ,  unity and reconciliation clubs, to mention  but a few) where they will be trained on national strategy of transformation  in order to live a life free of genocide ideology.

    ULK community was eagerly following attentively.


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    On 18th October 2019, the Induction Week touched its climax with fresher students vowing to be agents of transformation. It was an event that was attended among other participants by the Vice Chancellor of ULK, Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, Mbonigaba Théoneste, the Head of Students’ Services, KAYIJAMAHE Patrick, the Assistant of the Vice Principal Academics, ULK lecturers and students, name it.
    The event kick-started with a traditional dance by fresher students and this was a convincing factor that the Induction Week was culturally rich. The cultural dance was so nice that the audience could not believe that those were fresher students displaying such an amazing performance.
    Shortly after the traditional dance, Mr. SHEMA Willy, the event moderator, announced the entrance into the room of a three man team made of representatives of fresher students who were to present pledges of what they will strive to achieve along the academic year. The pledges were on behalf of their fellow fresher students.

    As they said, they will strive to make their today better than yesterday and their tomorrow better than today.
    “When we reached at this university, we realized that it was pretty nice and well equipped. Therefore, we will strive to make it better than it was when we arrived. Making ULK proud is making Rwanda proud and the world at large. Of course with hard work and discipline, our aspirations will materialize”, MUGABE Anthony, who was speaking on behalf of fresher students, proudly said.
    The pledges by fresher students were received and signed by the Vice Chancellor of ULK, Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, who thanked the fresher students for their bravery and discipline, demonstrated during the Induction Week.

    “The university is very proud to have students like you. You’ve proven to be wndowe3d with audacity and discipline of the highest level and this is what makes quality students. We expect you to continue acting like that to achieve your academic dreams and become better citizens of your respective countries”, said the Vice Chancellor.
    Throughout the Induction Week, fresher students learnt a number of things including some cultural practical exercises which encourage them to strive for oneness, good-manners, avoidance of misleaders, being focused, and many others values. They also had chance to be briefed by a number of personalities on life-transforming topics such as the values that make a student of quality, the culture of saving and working with banks, the role of the youth in achieving the agenda 2050, etc.
    It should be noted that Kigali Independent University and ULK Polytechnic are home to international students from more than 24 countries.

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    This was an event full of enthusiasm when the induction week got closed this Friday on 11th October, 2019 as it had been going on since 7th October, 2019. This colorful event was held in the main hall of ULK Gisenyi campus.  This week has been characterized by a number of activities which include signing performance contracts, testimonies from new students especially foreigners, and various remarks by important personalities.

    Itorero was re-introduced to revamp the culture of Rwandans.

    It was an event which was attended by students and staff members among others ISHEMA Pierre, the Director of Academic Affairs, KARARA Alexis, the Director of Administration and Finance, Heads of Departments and lectures. Throughout this week again, the campus was privileged to welcome different speakers including Umutahira(leader) representing itorero in Ruvavu District. His presence made the event colorful as he briefed participants especially freshers students on different realities pertaining to itorero (cultural school). As he said, “Itorero was re-introduced to revamp the culture of Rwandans which was at stake with some people behaving unethically”.

    In the middle, ISHEMA Pierre, the Director of Academic Affairs, his right, KARARA Alexis, the Director of Administration and Finance, his left, ISHIMWE Pacifique umutahira (students leader)    

    In his speech, Mr. ISHEMA Pierre, the Director of Academic Affairs, thanked all the present participants for their vows and courage displayed throughout the whole week. He reminded the audience that the induction week is a program carried out at national level, where all universities operating in Rwanda are obviously required   to apply principles, philosophy, and national values which help all citizens to be fairly integrated in Rwandan community.

    He provided further explanations by saying that the induction week brings together ongoing students with fresher students whereby the latter get to know more about the institution through the explanations they get from their colleagues in the upper classes. By concluding his remarks, Director of Academic affairs, said that all students ought to know and practice principles, philosophy and ULK values and that ULK is an institution that academically strives for students’ excellence. Therefore, students will never be disappointed at all”.

     Mr.ISHEMA Pierre, the Director of Academic Affairs at ULK Gisenyi Campus.

    All students were extremely happy due to the fact that they were rejoicing for the benefits got from the induction week, they started the function with the highest enthusiasm by singing hymns praising the nation and practicing parade.

    Students were carrying out the parade

    In their pledges, students of ULK Gisenyi campus vowed in front of the congregation that they will fight against genocide, and embrace the culture of saving which will be helping them to save the little money they would afford in Oder to put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired from the speakers who addressed them during the induction week.

    ISHIMWE Pacifique umutahira w’intore (students leader) was pledging different vows.  

    The function ended in praying and having a reminiscence photo.

     Reminiscence photograph of Abatahira (leaders) and Intagamburuzwa of ULK.

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    Today, 7th October 2019, Prof. Dr. KALISA Mbanda, the Chancellor of ULK officially launched the new academic year, 2019-2020. It is an event that took place in the stadium of the aforementioned university.


    Those who graced the event include Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA Balinda , Founder and President of ULK, Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, Vice Chancellor of ULK, Dr. KARAMBIZI Sylvestre , Principal of ULK Polytechnic Institute, ULK teaching staff and students, to mention but a few.

    It was a coincidence of the launch of the new academic year and the induction week through which fresher students will be fully integrated into the campus community. The induction week brings together ongoing students with fresher students whereby the latter get to know more about the institution through the explanations they get from their elder brothers and sisters in the upper classes.

    In his official opening remarks, the Chancellor of ULK, Prof. Dr. KALISA Mbanda, stressed the importance of being endowed with positive thoughts as students.

    “As students, you need to have positive thoughts so as to embrace the goals you aspire to achieve. Always believe that things are possible and work together to be able to achieve your dreams”, he advised the students.

    Every year, a stream of students from across the world jets into the country for their education at ULK. This new academic year counts students from 25 nationalities as disclosed by the Vice Chancellor of ULK while he was delivering his welcome remarks.


    “ULK is undoubtedly a multinational academic institution. Currently, we have fresher students who have joined us from 25 countries and this justifies the quality of education we provide our students with”, he proudly told the gathering.

    As both Kigali Independent University ULK and ULK Polytechnic Institute were welcoming their students, the Principal of ULK Polytechnic Institute, Dr. KARAMBIBZI Sylvestre, could not mince his words on such a great day.  In his welcome remarks, Dr. KARAMBIZI told the attendees that ULK Polytechnic Institute has been doing well since its inception and its graduates never go jobless.


    “If I tell you that none of our graduates worries about jobs after graduating from our Polytechnic Institute, take it as something established beyond doubt. Our students find it a piece of cake to create jobs when they join the marketplace and this is due to the unquestionable skills and knowledge they milk from this academic institution”, he said.

    On a day like this, students especially fresher ones, get pieces of advice on how to effectively chase their academic dreams as they embark on their academic project. In this perspective, the Founder and President of ULK, Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA Balinda, corroborated what the previous speakers had said and he advised fresher students to first of all understand the culture of the institution they have joined for their tertiary education.

    “The induction week we’ve coincidentally launched today is there to introduce you to the culture of the institution so that you may be conversant with everything the institution does. To effectively become students of high quality, you will need to attend class regularly, revise your notes on a regular basis, work in groups, master English language and ICT skills…” he tipped the students.

    Talking about the role of lecturers in enhancing the quality of education, he said that the number of highly qualified teaching staff is needed but that is not enough if the lecturers do not publish.


    “Capacity building through the increment of the number of PhD holders is the right way to go. However, that can’t yield huge results if lecturers don’t publish. We always tell our lecturers that one should either publish or perish, and the choice is in their hands”, he underscored.

    A group photo marked the end of the function.



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    On 23rd July 2019, Lt Col. Dr.KANYANKORE Williams, Director of Gisenyi District Hospital, addressed the entire ULK Gisenyi Community on what Ebola is all about and mechanisms towards its prevention.

    It was an event which was attended by students and staff members among others ISHEMA Pierre, the Director of Academic Affairs, KARARA Alexis, the Director of Administration and Finance, Heads of Departments, to mention but a few.

    In his welcome remarks, Mr. ISHEMA Pierre, the Director of Academic Affairs, thanked the management of Gisenyi Hospital and the speaker for having accepted the invitation to deliver a lecture on Ebola epidemic disease. He then requested the audience to be all eyes and ears for effective internalization of the speaker’s message.

    Mr. ISHEMA Pierre, the Director of Academic Affairs, ULK Gisenyi Campus

    At the very start Mr. RUHUMULIZA Gaspard, the moderator of the event, invited the Head of Department of Law, Mr. KAMALI Jean Damascèneto lead the participants in a word of prayer after which the Director of Academic Affairs delivered hiswelcome note.

    Mr. RUHUMULIZA Gaspard, the Moderator of the event

    Given the floor, Lt. Col. Dr. KANYANKORE William kick-started his talk with the historical background of Ebola whereby he made it clear that Ebola was first discovered in 1976 in the former Zaire (currently DR-Congo).

    The speaker pointed out that countries such as Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and South Sudan are at a higher risk of being affected by the disease as they neighbor the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Besides, the speaker highlighted possible causes leading to the contamination of Ebola such as eating dead animals including primates, body contact with a contaminated person’s secretion or sweats, touching tools used by the contaminated person or his equipment, name it.

    In the same perspective, the speaker mentioned some of the symptoms found on Ebola patients. They include high fever, headaches, stomachaches, physical weakness, vomiting and diarrhea, and bleeding the entire body.

    “So far, there is no effective cure of Ebola despite the existence of four different drugs undergoing trial. That is why we would like to urge you and the rest of the residents to remain cautious so as to avoid contracting the disease”, he told the gathering.

    Lt. Col. Dr. KANYANKORE also talked about Rwanda’s preparedness towards combating the disease. As he said, Rwanda has put in place the infrastructure that deals in combating the disease. The infrastructure includes a fever testing camera with the capacity of testing fifty persons in a mere second. Also, all districts neighboring DR Congo were equipped with hands washing points where passersby wash their hands. Apart from this, an Ebola Treatment Zone (Red Zone) has been established in Rugerero Sector of Rubavu District to take care of whoever will be suspected to have contracted the disease.   Special beds have also been availed to properly respond to the needs of whoever is infected. There is also a toll free line (114) that people can call whenever an Ebola case is suspected.

    Lt. Col. Dr KANYANKORE Williams addressing the audience

    Similarly, the medical staff has been vaccinated to make sure they don’t contract the disease easily while trying to save lives.

    The speaker’s talk climaxed in a call he made to all those in the room to always declare themselves if they think they have come across an infected person or once they find some of the aforementioned symptoms. He also requested the participants not to shake hands as this is one of the ways that spread the disease at a faster pace.

    At the end of the function, questions from the audience were raised and they all met satisfactory answers.

    One of the participants asking a question

    In his closing remarks, the Director of Academic Affairs, Mr. ISHEMA Pierre, thanked the speaker for his timely message and then he requested him to advocate for the campus so that a nurse can be sent to be providing Ebola testing services on the campus on a daily basis. He also requested Ebola vaccination services for the whole campus community.

    The campus events hall was full to its capacity


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    On 28th June 2019, the entire ULK community was in a frenzy after their Debate Team had won the EPRN Inter-University Debate Championship organized by EPRN in conjunction with Aspire Debate Rwanda. It was a competition that had brought together different universities operating in Rwanda. After the preliminary and semi-final stages, two teams, namely Kigali Independent University Debate Club and Mount Kenya Debate Club made it to the finals.

    Debating on the ULK side were NISHIMWE Ariane Douce, SHYAKA Jesse Rayson, and KABANDA Erica.

    At the final stage, the two teams were given a motion which goes, “This House believes that the Benefits of AfCFTA Outweigh the Costs.” Like any other professional debate competition proceeds, a free toss was made to determine the proposition and opposition side. This saw ULK Debate Club opposing the motion while Mount Kenya Debate Club proposed it.

    In a World Schools Debate Format, every debater was given five minutes to address the house with the reply speech from either side lasting for two minutes.

    Although Mount Kenya Debaters were the favorites as people who were proposing an initiative of African countries, they lavished their chances through failure to provide convincing facts and sometimes contradicting themselves. Upon realizing this, ULK Debaters attacked from the weaknesses of their opponents to thrash them before being crowned the champions.

    David Niyonsaba who was representing EPRN at the competition thanked all the universities which took part in the competition and told everyone that what matters in debate competitions is not the win over an opponent but instead it is the lessons participants learn. He also thanked the management of Kigali Independent University ULK for having accepted to host the competition.

    “I’d like to thank you all for having honored our invitation to take part in this competition. In the same perspective, I’d like to thank the management of Kigali Independent University for having accepted to host this event. We’ve enjoyed a wonderful reception and we’d love to keep cooperating with this great academic institution”, he told the participants.

    “Before becoming a debate judge, I was also a debater like you debating for my university. Whenever I went to debate, I always had in mind that lessons learned outweighed the win. Therefore, whenever you go for a competition, you should be proud of the lessons you learn from it other than the win over your opponent”, he added.


    Speaking on behalf of Kigali Independent University ULK, Mr. Jean Baptiste Manirakiza, the Director of the Language Center, thanked the organizers and participating universities for bringing the great competition at ULK. He also pledged that ULK will continue to cordially work with other academic institutions for mutual benefits.

    “On behalf of the management of this university, I’d like to thank EPRN and ADR for having entrusted confidence in us to host this great competition. Similarly, I’d like to thank the participating universities for their time spent at our institution as this a testament that our relationship with them is cordial and we will maintain this relationship for mutual benefits”, he said.

    It should be noted that the last three teams were awarded cash prizes.