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    Yesterday, on 21st December 2018, Kigali Independent University ULK/Gisenyi Campus held the thirteenth graduation ceremony for Undergraduate programme, and on the same occasion the third graduation ceremony for postgraduate programme.
    People from all walks of life joined to witness the event. As a matter of fact, 32 graduates from master’s programme were crowned with their Degrees Honours in MBA (1), MFIN (15), MDS (6) and MPL (10). As far as the undergraduate programme is concerned, two hundred ninety-eight graduates were awarded their degrees honours in Computer Science (27), Accounting (139) and Finance (132).


    The ceremony kicked off with the official opening remarks by the Chancellor of Kigali Independent University ULK, where he enthusiastically welcomed all the people in the congregation and thanked them for having joined ULK family on that special occasion.

    In his welcome remarks, Dr SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, Vice Chancellor of ULK recognized various guests in the congregation. In a particular way, he thanked those from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    “I wish to benefit from this opportunity to thank our guests from our neighboring country the DRC for having joined us as we gather to celebrate the thirteenth graduation ceremony here at ULK/Gisenyi Campus. Your joining us is a sign of trust as well as sincere love you have not only for ULK, but also for our country at large,” he said.

    The Vice Chancellor went on to give a general overview on ULK, focusing mainly on what makes this institution of higher learning special.

    He said, “Kigali Independent University ULK is a private institution of higher learning that has made commendable strides. Indeed, it has built its name. Just to give you an example among many others, our students always top the ladder whenever they engage into debates nationally, regionally and beyond. And the secret behind ULK’s success is nothing else but good management, quality programmes, quality teaching staff, quality resources and quality students.”

    Speaking on the occasion, the Founder and President of ULK thanked the graduands for their great achievements. It followed that he briefed them on how they can cope up with ups and downs of life upon the completion of their studies.

    I wish to give you, beloved graduands, a package of pieces of advice which will sustain you throughout the rest of your life. Being crowned with degree honours is not a guarantee of a bright future. To ascertain you succeed in life outside there, you must be characterized by ethical values and hard work. As you leave this university, do not sit and fold your arms waiting for someone to employ you. Be self-starters and job-creators instead. It is no wonder that the knowledge and skills you gained from this university will sustain you in your pursuit of a better life

    - Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA, Founder and President of ULK

    The function climaxed with a speech by the graduates’ representative, Mr. BIFUKO Andrew. In his speech, he pledged that he and his fellow graduates will always strive for excellence and  make use of knowledge, skills and ethical values they acquired from ULK.

    As a matter of fact, the degree we have been crowned with today will serve the platform we use to launch ourselves into our futures. We promise to maximize the utility of the knowledge, skills and ethical values we acquired from KIGALI Independent University ULK and look beyond what we have studied, try new things and notice the opportunities and make a difference by getting involved in our community.

    - Mr. BIFUKO Andrew, ULK Graduate

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    On 12th December 2018, the graduating class of 2018 was in high spirits when they were declared holders of Advanced Diplomas and degrees in their various fields of specialization. It was a coincidence of three graduations namely the second graduation ceremony of ULK Polytechnic Institute, the 15th Graduation Ceremony of Kigali Independent University ULK, and the 5th Graduation Ceremony for Masters Program.
    As far as statistics are concerned, 90 graduates were awarded Advanced Diplomas in various technical fields, 947 were awarded bachelor’s Degrees in various fields of specialization while 181 were awarded Master’s Degrees in various disciplines.
    The Graduation Ceremony was officially opened by the Chancellor of ULK, Prof. Dr KALISA Mbanda , who thanked the management of ULK for the efforts they continue to make to ensure that ULK remains on top of the ladder among private universities operating in Rwanda. He also reminded the graduands that they should be good ambassadors of their institution by doing what is right and do it right while on the market place.

    The Guest of Honour at this event was Dr. MUVUNYI Emmanuel, the Executive Director of Higher Education Council (HEC) who thanked the Founder and President of ULK, Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda for having kept the momentum in promoting quality education within the land of a thousand hills.

    He also lauded ULK for having proved to make commendable progress during the assessment carried out by HEC a few days ago. He tipped the university management that by avoiding complacency more realizations are within reach.

    Speaking on this occasion, Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda, the Founder and President of ULK, thanked His Excellency Paul KAGAME, the President of the Republic of Rwanda for his excellent vision that prioritizes education among other national priorities. He also thanked the Ministry of Education for persistently adopting the policies that enhance quality education. He went further to tell the graduands that if they need to succeed in their endeavors, they should be endowed with faith in God, avoidance of fear, ethical values, to mention but a few.

    During this ceremony, the Vice Chancellor of ULK, Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel highlighted some of the achievements made by the institution.
    “We partner with other institutions in a bid to enhance the quality of education. For instance, we have a strong partnership with Commonwealth Universities Association in line with Enhanced Blended Learning. So far, lecturers have been trained and students will be able to learn no matter where they are located around the globe”, he told the congregation.
    The Principal of ULK Polytechnic Institute, Dr. KARAMBIZI Sylvestre, underscored the huge demand for people endowed with technical skills on the marketplace. He told the congregation that so far 51% of graduands have already secured their jobs before ending their studies.
    It should be noted that ULK was also praised for having a considerable number of international students. This verily indicates the level of confidence they have vis-à-vis the institution.

    Ganza Mick, who spoke on behalf of fellow graduates, thanked the management of ULK for having been by their side every step of their learning and everywhere they went for internships.

    We salute the way this institution kept an eye on us during our studies, internships, and everywhere we had to go for sharpening our minds. We commend ULK for the way they visited all internees wherever they were conducting their internships as this boosted our morale. Indeed, the Incubation Center that operates within the campus has so far inspired many of us to the extent that we now feel confident to get out of this campus and start creating businesses

    - Ganza Mick, Graduate in Computer Science, ULK

    A group photo marked the end of the function.



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    On the 28th day of March the year 2018, people from different walks of life were rejuvenated to make to Kigali Independent University ULK/Gisenyi Campus to witness its 12th graduation ceremony for undergraduate programme and the 2nd graduation ceremony for post-graduate programme. As a matter of fact, around 300 graduands altogether were crowned with their degrees on the occasion.

    The ceremony was officially opened by ULK’s Chancellor, Prof. Dr KALISA MBANDA. In his opening rermarks, he enthusiatically welcomed the gathering and thanked each and everyone for having spared part of their time to come over and witness the ceremony.

    Speaking on the occasion, the Vice Chancellor, Dr SEKIBIBI Ezekiel recalled some of the great achievements that Kigali Independent University ULK has so far made.
    “Kigali Independent University ULK has graduated thousands and thousands of people. And good enough, many of them are now in the work force, hence contributing to developing our nation. That gives us pride and joy (….)”, he was quoted saying.

    In his remarks, the Founder and President of Kigali Independent University ULK, Prof.Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA thanked all the people in attendance. He specially thanked those who had come from the neighbouring country, the DRC. Briefing the graduands, the Founder and President of ULK revealed to them the secets behind being successful.
    He said, “It’s no wonder you’re all overjoyed to have completed your university studies. Anyway, you shouldn’t fold your arms and wait for prospective employers to hire you. You leave ULK being equiped with enough skills and knowledge which will enable you to be self-employed by creating your own jobs. Some of the hints that will make you sucessful incude; risk-taking, hard work, ethical values, etc. (…)”

    Speaking on behalf of her fellow graduates, Mrs. INGABIRE Ines, graduate from MDS said that the degrees they had been crowned with that today will serve the platform they will use to launch themselves into their futures. She pledged that they will be good ambassadors of ULK, by excelling in everything theye do, striving for excellence in every task, large or small.

    ….We promise to make use of the knowledge, skills and ethical values we acquired from KIGALI Independent University ULK and look beyond what we have studied, try new things and notice the opportunities and make a difference by getting involved in our community.

    - Mrs. INGABIRE Ines, graduate from MDS

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    On 21st December 2016, people from all backgrounds of life gathered at ULK Gisenyi Campus to celebrate the 11th graduation ceremony in which 1146 candidates were awarded Bachelor’s degrees in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Rural Development, Development Studies and Law. On the same occasion, 65 were awarded master’s degrees in Finance and Development Studies.


    ULK Gisenyi Campus Graduation Pastor Patience RUTIRABURA

    The ceremony started with prayers


    ULK Founder and President and Madam

    Founder and Owner of ULK and Madam


    ULK DVCA and Master of Ceremony

    It was a function that was also graced by parents, relatives, friends and acquaintances who had accompanied the smiling graduates.


    Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA, Founder and Owner of ULK advising graduates

    Speaking at the function, Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA Balinda highlighted two important points: In the first place, he thanked whoever makes it possible for education at ULK to prosper; while in the second place he provided the graduates with pieces of advice.

    Your success on the marketplace will depend on how resilient and hardworking you are. You should cease to be worried about failures resulting in starting businesses. Instead, you should start small while hoping to grow big one day, he advised them.

    - Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda

    “Some of you may say that they don’t have any starting capital. It’s obvious but you should remember that an idea on how to start a project costs nothing. You will not need money to have an idea. Therefore, you will first of all have an idea on what you are going to venture in. Indeed, you may get together in cooperatives and apply for a bank loan under what is known as solidarity caution”, he added.


    Dr SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, Vice Chancellor of ULK

    In his remarks, Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, ULK Vice Chancellor, pointed out that Kigali Independent University ULK has so far contributed to national development by supplying quality workforce to serve in various institutions, be it public or private. He also said that a considerable number of students opt for job creation after their studies.

    As statistics have it, our students are largely hired by different institutions countrywide. There are also many others who have decided to create their own businesses and are currently running them using the knowledge and skills acquired from ULK, he proudly said.

    - Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel

    ULK Gisenyi graduates representative

    Graduates’ representative disclosing their message

    The graduation, whose agenda pleased each and everyone, became much more interesting when the students’ representative, FEZA Clémence, delivered her uplifting statement. In her speech she expressed their gratitude to the senior management of ULK spearheaded by Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA BALINDA for having availed all necessities for excellent learning. No wonder, her speech is one of the memories that will forever remain in the minds of those who graced the event.

    ULK Gisenyi - Mr. KARARA Alexis awarded a certificate of merit by Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA


    ULK Chancellor Prof. Dr Kalisa Mbanda 11th Graduation Ceremony Gisenyi Campus 1

    ULK Deputy Legal Representative Awards best performers

    ULK Gisenyi graduates recognize ULK founder efforts

    Everything considered, best performers got awarded and thereafter Prof. Dr. KALISA MBANDA, ULK Chancellor made it to the podium to dissolve the congregation.

    ULK Chancellor Prof. Dr Kalisa Mbanda 11th Graduation Ceremony Gisenyi Campus

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    Today 9th December 2016, a mammoth crowd gathered in ULK Kigali main stadium to celebrate the 13th graduation ceremony for undergraduate level which concurrently took place with the 3rd graduation for master’s level.

    The ceremony in which 271 Master’s students and 2715 Undergraduate students were awarded with degrees,  had attracted people from all walks of life ranging from ULK staff members, graduands and their relatives, people from overseas, members of the media, to mention but a few.

    ULK authorities during 13th Graduation Ceremony

    At exactly 7:30 a.m, Mr Jean Baptiste Manirakiza, the moderator of the event, got on the stage to start entertaining the audience and at the same time giving them the gist of the graduation ceremony. Before long, the graduands, laureates as well ULK staff started entering the stadium to enable the ceremony to officially start.

    No sooner had everyone arrived in the stadium than the National Anthem and ULK Anthem got sung. Shortly after they had been sung, a word of prayer was said by Brother Muvunyi Emile from The Christian Assembly of Gisozi to invite heavenly presence at the function.


    Like any other university abiding by international education standards would proceed, the graduation ceremony was officially opened by ULK Chancellor, Prof. Dr Kalisa Mbanda. In his opening remarks, he hailed the leadership of Rwanda spearheaded by H.E, Paul Kagame for putting in place a good environment that facilitates Higher Learning Institutions to propel education. He also thanked the Founder and President of Kigali Independent University , prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda for not only having put in place a university from which people from various regions of the world draw knowledge but also for having continued to equip ULK with the necessary resources and staff for better learning. Thereafter, he requested the graduates and laureates to utilize the knowledge and ethical values got from ULK to be example-setters on the market place.

    ULK President and Founder Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda

    Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA, Founder and Owner of ULK with Prof. Dr KALISA MBANDA Chancellor of ULK

    “I would like to thank the government of Rwanda spearheaded by H.E Paul KAGAME, the President of the Republic, for having continued to support and empower education sector in this country. Indeed, I would also thank the Founder and President of ULK, Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA Balinda for his continued empowerment of this university since its inception. To the graduands and laureates, you should use the knowledge and ethical values got from ULK to better lead the labor market”, said the Chancellor.

    Speaking at the function, Dr. Ezechiel SEKIBIBI, ULK Vice Chancellor, highlighted the progress the university has so far made ever since it was created. He stressed that ULK graduates never find it cumbersome to get jobs shortly after completing their studies since they are well trained. He added that the university is known regionally and globally due to the fact that its students significantly take part in competitions beyond Rwanda’s borders.

    Another key speaker at the function was Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA Balinda, ULK Founder and President, who tipped the graduands and laureates on how to become successful after studies. As he said, four principles may help someone to succeed and lead the labor market with distinction.

    There are four principles for you to succeed on the market place: Having faith in God, Knowing your mission on earth, Living ethical values, and having positive thoughts. It is beyond any doubt that once endowed with these principles, you will be the leaders upon reaching the labor market”, he was quoted as saying.

    After the conferment of degrees, the floor was given to the graduates’ representative to disclose their joy. In his statement, Mr. Paul Kampayana who spoke on behalf of the graduates underscored that they are going to use the unquestionable skills drawn from ULK to create and own businesses which will sort out the issue of unemployment that keeps hampering living conditions across the world.

    It should be noted that the best students were awarded to commend them on their outstanding academic achievements. In the same vein, students who made the university proud in international debate competitions were awarded. After awarding, the Chancellor got on the stage to dissolve the congregation.



    ULK Graduates Marching

    ULK 13th Graduates Diamant

    ULK 13 Graduation Ceremony

    ULK 13th Graduation Ceremony Kigali Campus Daniel Balinda and Manzi Balinda

    ULK 13th Graduation Ceremony - Graduates