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    On 22nd May 2019, the entire community of Kigali Independent University ULK got together to pay tribute to the victims of the 1994 genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi.

    The function kick-started with a walk to remember which began from the campus to the Kigali Memorial Site where wreaths of flowers were laid on the graves in which more than 250,000 remains of the victims are interred.

    Upon arriving at the memorial site, the students and staff were briefed on the historical background of the memorial site whereby they were told that the move to erect a memorial site aimed at safeguarding facts of the genocide to enable people to have clear information on the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi. Shortly after briefing them, they laid wreaths of flowers on the graves and then proceeded with the tour of the memorial site.

    Back to the campus, the mourners gathered in the ULK stadium for the commemoration night. It Was a night full of commemoration songs, testimonies and lectures.

    In his welcome remarks Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, the Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University, thanked the attendees for having dedicated their time to the noble cause. He also thanked the visitors who had come from different corners of Kigali City for their decision to join ULK for commemorating the genocide against the Tutsi. He also called upon young survivors of the genocide to behave decently so as to effectively please their slain parents.

    “The best way to please your killed parents is by behaving acceptably without engaging in immoral practices such as drug abuse, cheating exams and the like. You can’t claim to be paying tribute to the killed souls while you still take part in some malpractices”, he told them.

    One of the dignitaries who spoke at this function is Dr…………….from CNLG who delivered a lecture on the post-genocide national rebuilding. As he said, the genocide against the Tutsi destroyed the nation’s economy to the extent that rebuilding required starting almost from scratch. He also mentioned efforts the government put in place to fast-track development.

    The Chief Guest in this function was …………the Vice Mayor of Gasabo District who commended ULK for having taken the lead in organizing commemoration events among all private institutions created after the genocide. He also called upon young people to disassociate from any ideology that seeks to harbor divisionism among Rwandans.

    “ I would like to wholeheartedly thank the management of ULK for having been the first private institution to heed our call for organizing commemoration events annually. Still here, I would like to urge ULK students and other young people from across the country to always refute the hate ideology mostly disseminated via social media, by giving the right information of the prevailing situation in the country. Rwandans currently enjoy brotherly relationships with no room for the genocide ideology. Please inform the world”, he urged the youth.

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    Friday 17th May 2019, a group of students from Kigali Independent University ULK/Gisenyi Campus organized, under the lead of the Campus Management, a conference on a theme dubbed, “The importance of reading across the university path.”

    As a matter of fact, the conference aimed at awakening the students to develop a reading habit. Over five hundred students were in attendance to hear from knowledgeable speakers from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as well as those from Rwanda.

    Taking the floor in the first instance, Mr. David KALENDA, a professional communicator and Director of Radio POLE FM broadcasting from Goma, elaborated on the importance of daily reading and eventually urged the participants to invest in buying books since these ones directly connect them to knowledge.

     “Reading is of paramount importance for anyone and especially students. It is a source of knowledge. If you want to grow into knowledgeable people, invest in buying books and read them on a daily basis”, he told the gathering.

    In his presentation, Mr. ISHEMA Pierre, Coordinator of ULK/Gisenyi Campus highlighted the importance of a physical library which seems to be ignored nowadays, yet it remains the most reliable source of information.

    “It goes without saying that nowadays’ young people undermine the importance of a physical library, yet it remains the source of veracity of information. Our university has, besides a digital library, put in place a well equipped physical library in your favour. Sad to say, many of you hardly visit the physical library to read books. I urge you to maximize its utility (…)”, he said.

    Speaking on the occasion, poet BUKASA revealed the gain from reading by sharing his own personal experience. He elaborated on the impact of reading on the life of any scientist stating that he has been given various awards and opportunities to travel across the world thanks to reading.

    “I am a litterature icon as a result of reading books. I am a lover of books, literature as well as African Literature. Thanks to my good reading habits, I happened to win various awards and opportunities to visit different countries across the world. I urge you people to follow in my footsteps”, he enthusiastically told the gathering.

    To wind up the presentation, Brother Alexis HATEKEKIMANA, Managing Director of “Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle”/Rubavu told the gathering that reading will help them become good leaders.

    “Reading books is of great help for you, especially those who have a burning ambition to embark on the leadership of our country in the future. Indeed, a daily reading will help you become informed people, and that will positively impact on your communities”, he was quoted saying.

    Everything considered, the students pledged to maximize the utility of reading facilities that the university has availed for them. That being said, the conference was brought to close.

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    On 20th May 2019, people from all walks of life gathered in the stadium of Kigali Independent University ULK to grace a book launching event whereby Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA Balinda, the Founder and President of ULK was to launch his Christian book entitled, “INZIRA Y’UKURI Y’UBUGINGO BUZABANA ITEKA N’IMANA” loosely translated as “The right way of the life which will everlastingly dwell with God.”

    It is an event which was attended by pastors from all Assemblies of the Bride of Christ(ABC)  operating in the country, the believers of the ABC church, ULK staff and students, members of the media, to mention but a few.

    The book is a one fifty page work, and it comprises twenty chapters which are discussed with some biblical references to support the statements therein. As the author puts it, thirst to know God is human nature.

    “ Throughout this publication, I have made it clear that thirst to know God is a human nature; but the only difficult problem people face is knowing the right way of the life which everlastingly dwell with God”, he reiterated.

    As soon as the author had finished throwing some light on the contents of the book, the attendees were allowed to ask questions. Some of the questions asked rotated around the Prophet, William Marrion Branham, whom the authors get his inspiration from. As the author explained, Branham is the last prophet our earth has ever known.

    It was also revealed that a pillar of burning fire was once pictured hovering above his head as a sign that he is a true prophet from the Almighty God. Again, his photo is currently displayed in the USA museum with the pillar of fire clearly seen above his head.



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    On 16th May 2019, a delegation from the Association of Commonwealth Universities visited Kigali Independent University ULK to have a clear view of the readiness of the university to join the e-learning or simply the blended teaching system. The three-man delegation was made of Ben Prasadam Halls, Director of Programs, Alexander Scharz, Project Officer and George Anang’a, Senior Membership Officer- International.

    In his welcome remarks Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, the Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University ULK, thanked the delegation for having chosen ULK for the program and he underscored that the move to initiate the blended teaching system at the university is worth saluting as it will not only provide a solution to the problem of employees who could not have time to further their studies, but it will also contribute to the Competence Based Curriculum as the students will have more time to dig out their courses while the lecturer will be monitoring learners’ progress to ensure effective learning.

    “I can proudly say that this blended system is a move in the right direction as it will answer the problem of those who couldn’t upgrade their level of studies as a result of time constraints. Besides, the move will contribute to the Competence Based Curriculum as students will have ample time to find out more about the modules”, he was quoted as saying.

    The delegation had chance to tour the campus for more information about the facilities in place which will enable the blended system to operate uninterruptedly. Along the tour, they were shown the art-of-the-fact digital libraries, computer labs, the physical library, polytechnic laboratories, to mention but a few.

    After touring the campus, Ben Prasadam Halls expressed the appreciation on behalf of the delegation and he said that they were wowed by what they saw.

    “Thank you for a very enjoyable visit and tour of your fantastic campus. Good luck with implementing blended learning. We look forward to working with you”, he said with beams of smiles on his lips.

    As it was disclosed during the interactions between the officials of Kigali Independent University ULK and the delegation, once all goes as planned, the trial session of the blended learning will kick-start on Monday 20th May 2019 and students from across the globe will be able to enroll for partly online courses( blended learning) at Kigali Independent University ULK.

    As the world is becoming more and more digitalized, education cannot lag behind while other sectors are soaring skies. Hence, the blended learning system might be coming timely at ULK, the leading private institution in Rwanda.

    At the end of the visit, the delegation promised to keep monitoring the program to ensure that all the desired successes are embraced.


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    Accompanied by two officials of the university (i.e. Vice Chanchellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics), the Founder and President of Kigali Independent University ULK, Prof Dr. RWIGAMBA BALINDA, made it to Gisenyi Campus, yesterday April 3rd 2019. Upon his arrival at the campus, there was a great number of people; students, teaching staff, administrative staff, and so forth. They were all eager to hear from him.

    It should be noted that the visit of the Founder and President of ULK coincided with a visit by secondary school students from ‘INSTITUT MONT GOMA” operating in Goma city/DRC. Their visit aimed at cultivating their partnership with ULK, partnership that started in 2015.


    After the welcome remarks by the coordinator of the campus, Mr. ISHEMA Pierre, the Founder and President of ULK thanked the gathering and particularly the visitors from Goma. He went further to unveil the purpose of his visit.

    “I wish to thank you all for being here today. To the school authorities and their students from Goma, visiting our university today, I say thank you very much indeed and may God bless you abundantly. Well, the major purpose of my visit to this campus today is to introduce to you the newly appointed Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, Dr. LUBWANA Joseph Ntege, a man of virtue.”He said enthusiastically.


    The Founder and President of ULK thanked the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics for having proved his worth to the university through his hard and excellent work; designing new course programs, just to mention among others. Still there, he unveiled the secret behind the success of ULK.

    He said, “It goes without saying that the success of ULK lies in its philosophy and principles. More so, ULK is making a difference thanks to its good managers, its quality teaching staff, its quality resources, quality students, just to mention but a few.”

    Given the floor, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics thanked the Founder and President of ULK for having invested his trust in him. Good enough, he pledged to work hard to ascertain he satisfy ULK.

    “I can’t thank the Founder and President of ULK for having appointed me Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics.  I’m indeed, very pleased to be working for this widely known and well-reputed institution. Throughout my service, I pledge to use my expertise as an educationalist of long standing to ascertain I satisfy this institution with my hard and honest work.”He was quoted saying.

    After the speech by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, the Founder and President of ULK took the floor to brief in students on the major keys to success at university.

    “Beloved students, you should always strive for excellence so that you can leave this university fully equipped with knowledge and skills needed at the labour market. For you to succeed, there is a set of secrets you have to take into account, notably: regular class attendance and active participation, regular personal work, group work, mastery of computer tool, mastery of English and reading and/or research (…)”  He briefed the students.

    Everything considered, the Founder and President of ULK blessed the gathering through a word of prayer, and that brought the function to close.

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    Accompanied by some of the school authorities, around 90 secondary school leavers from “Institut Mama Mulezi” de Goma made it to ULK/Gisenyi Campus yesterday Thursday, 28th March 2018. The visit was carried out in the framework of reinforcing the partnership that ULK has, over the years, been nourishing with secondary schools operating in Goma City.

    Upon their arrival at the campus, Mr. KABASHA Medard, Director in charge of Marketing and Career Advisory Center introduced them to Kigali Independent University ULK. He subsequently recalled the context of the partnership between both educational institutions (i.e. ULK and Institut Mama Mulezi).

    “The pleasure’s all mine to welcome you all to Kigali Independent University ULK/Gisenyi Campus. Like your school, ULK is an institution that lays its foundation on ethical values. As a matter of fact, our university has been collaborating with your school since the year 2015, and so far, a lot has been done; provision of English training among others (…)” , he told the gathering.

    It followed that the visitors had a tour of the campus to get to know different services of the university. Good enough, they marvelled at all that the campus can call its own; lecture rooms, equipment, name it. Interestingly, many of the pupils vowed to  join ULK next academic year.

    “This University is truly amazing. We’ve been impressed all the services offered here. Technology speaks for itself within this university. To this, I pledge I’ll join this university for my university studies to be materialized, if only I get my secondary school diploma,” uttered one of student.

    Speaking on behalf of “Institut Mama Mulezi”, Reverend Sister BISIMWA Solange, headmistress of the school and head of the delegation, expressed her gratitude to Mr. Kabasha Medard and his team. She also encouraged her students to pursue their university studies at ULK.

    “We can’t thank you enough for having hosted us today. It’s no wonder that ULK is a university that makes a difference across our region. Much has been said and seen. I therefore urge you, dear students, to join ULK for your university studies if you really need quality training,” she enthusiastically said.

    It is on this note that the visit was brought to close. Guess what! Many more secondary schools operating in Goma City are yet expected to come over and visit the campus.

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    On 21st March 2019, a four man delegation visited Kigali Independent University ULK on behalf of the Ministry of Justice to equip students with needed information on crimes such as human trafficking, drug abuse and trafficking, Gender Based Violence and the like. The delegation was made of Commissioner of Police MUNYAMBO Bruce, IYAREMYE Richard, Division Manager in charge of Economic and Financial Crimes at Rwanda Investigation Bureau, NIBAHIRE Anastase, Coordinator of Justice Section Secretariat in MINIJUST, and Ms DUSHIMIMANA Claudine from the National Prosecution.

    In his welcome remarks, Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, the Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University ULK, thanked the delegation for having chosen ULK for their message. He also requested ULK students to be all ears and take the message by heart so as to transform the nation.

    CP Bruce told the gathering that the lecture on crimes is one of the activities held during the Justice Week organized by the Ministry of Justice which climaxes on 22nd March 2019 at Amahoro National Stadium where a friendly football match is expected to take place.

    Since crimes have been on the rise year in, year out, the Ministry of Justice found it worthwhile to raise people’s awareness on emerging crimes such as human trafficking, Gender Based Violence, drug abuse and trafficking and the like so that Rwandans may know how to behave whenever they are hoodwinked to fall prey or victims of such crimes.

    “You will receive calls of unknown people who pretend to be Good Samaritans pledging to offer you juicy jobs if you accept to leave your country and go abroad for jobs. Never heed these pledges as most of them end up taking you for sexual exploitation, forced labor and some other inhuman practices”, Mr. NIBAHIRE Anastase warned the youthful audience.

    In his point of supplement, Mr IYAREMYE Richard from RIB (Rwanda Investigation Bureau) underscored that several cases of human trafficking and drug abuse were recorded over the last months and most of the people apprehended were the youth. He therefore urged the youth to roll up sleeves and work instead of involving in risky businesses which may claim their lives or trigger sharp sentences.

    The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) labels human trafficking, also known as trafficking in persons, as a serious crime and a grave violation of human rights.

    According to The New Times (2017), Rwanda-based daily newspaper, statistics indicate that between 2009 and 2013 alone, RNP handled over 36 cases involving 153 victims in transit route intercepted in Rwanda, including 51 Bangladeshis. Overall, 90 per cent of the victims are female, 82 per cent of them aged between 18 and 35.

    As Ms DUSHIMIMANA Claudine said, some parents spend most of their time away from their children with little or no time dedicated to their children. This is vindicated by cases whereby parents get to learn about their children’s deteriorating health after a long time.

    “Some children are sexually abused by either relatives, house maids or any other people and the parents remain uninformed until the children start complaining about terrible pain. Parents should always check on their children to know how they are doing”, she advised.

    At the end of the event, questions were asked and satisfactorily answered.



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    On 18th March 2019, the President and Founder of Kigali independent University ULK, Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA Balinda addressed all ULK students, day and evening sections to tip them on the real success secrets. This is in line with the habit of the President and Founder to meet students on a quarterly basis.

    Since some students in this year’s second intake had not met the President and Founder, an introductory note had to be made by the Vice Chancellor of ULK, Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, who also invited the President and Founder to deliver his message.

    As he said, a number of secrets play an unquestionable role in the effective learning of students. They include but not limited to, regular class participation, group work, the mastery of the four English skills, the master of computer skills, the endowment of ethical values, name it.

    “We always do everything we can to provide you with the best lecturers and avail the best facilities to help you learn effectively. Therefore, you should make a good use of all this by maximizing the record of your class attendance, mastering English skills, ICT skills and upholding ethical values….”, the President and Founder who is also the Legal Representative of ULK told the students.

    The event coincided with the exercise of unveiling new academic officials. Those unveiled are the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, Dr.  LUBWAMA Joseph Ntege, the Head of the Department of Computer Science, Dr. KABANDANA Innocent and the Head of the Department of Law, Mr. NKUNDUKOZERA Emmanuel.

    In his acceptance remarks, Dr. LUBWAMA Joseph Ntege, who has a PhD in Education, thanked the President and Founder of ULK for the confidence entrusted in him to serve the institution. He also urged students to study hard as education is a project where delegation is impossible.

    “Honorable President and Founder, I would like to thank you for the great privilege given to me to serve this great university. Within the few months I’ve spent here, I have come to realize that this is a great university which does everything exceptionally. It is one of the few universities where lecturers don’t complain about payment, a university with disciplined students when compared to the universities I’ve so far visited…” he was quoted as saying.

    “To the students, I would like to reiterate my commitment to render you quality service. I pledge that I will listen to you because I believe that listening is the greatest aspect which leads to tangible results. I therefore stand ready to do my part, expecting you to also do your part…” Dr. LUBWAMA added.

    During the event, ULK debaters who made the university and Rwanda proud in various debate competitions be it locally or beyond the boundaries of Rwanda, were awarded with certificates which were issued by Aspire Debate Rwanda in conjunction with Rwanda Governance Board. This is a boosting gesture which is likely to push many other students to aim high and join the debate club for their brighter future and the better image of ULK and the nation at large.

    It should be noted that a word of prayer said by the President and Founder along with a group photo, wrapped up the event.