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    All Africa Students Union (AASU)

    Kigali Independent University ULK hosted students in All Africa Students Union (AASU), attending their Africa Students and Youth Summit (ASYS), this Thursday 26th, July, 2018. The aim of the visit was to get a clear stand of development of Rwanda spearheaded by His Excellency Paul Kagame.

    Students, under the delegation of the President of AASU Mr Mohamad Osman, had the opportunity to visit the university premises accompanied by the university high authorities including, but not limited to the Vice Chancellor, Dr SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, the Director of Administration and Finance, Mr NSENGIYUMVA Jacques and the Director of Academic Services, Mr BAHATI Vedaste. Their tour on campus started at ULK stadium which may accommodate 14,000 persons, then different schools within the campus and labs (Polytechnic workshops and computer labs). This group was really fascinated by the state of the university.

    After visiting different sites, the Vice Chancellor welcomed the delegation and introduced them to the background of the university and gave them more details about how it operates. Dr Sekibibi went back to the historical background of the university, how it was founded by Prof Rwigamba Balinda after realizing a gap in education after 1994 Genocide against Tutsi. He mentioned that the foundation of the university has been of great contribution to the development of Rwanda as it has given opportunities to many people, be they Rwandans or foreigners, to pursue their studies and offered scholarships to 2802 students. He also emphasized that all the progress made by the university was because of good leadership under His Excellency Paul Kagame, and that no one can prosper without peace. He finally thanked them to have chosen Kigali Independent University ULK as one of their referral university among many in Rwanda.

    In his speech, Mr Mohamad Osman, the delegation representative, thanked the University for Warm Welcome and appreciated how it looks paperless in Africa. He added that Rwanda should be a very speaking example to African countries and world at large for her tremendous achievements after such horrific history. He insisted on how Rwanda is developing very fast and mentioned that it is very fascinating to export such experience that Africa should learn from Rwanda.

    In the closing remarks, the Vice Chancellor wished the students safe journey back to their places, blessings and success wherever they will be.

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    Year in, year out Kigali Independent University ULK organizes the Inter-Department sports Competitions to help students live healthy lives and cement their ties as people majoring at the same university. This year’s football championship was scooped by Computer Science students after beating Polytechnic students two goals nil.

    The competition kick-started on 4th June 2018 with all departments responding positively to it. It was a competition which saw many goals being scored in the preliminary stage whereby teams such Finance and Computer Science happened to score more than 10 goals in one match. Such a score revealed that more is still to be done in coaching some departments on how to strategically play this number one sports in the world.
    The competition is organized by the students’ Union, AGEULK, in conjunction with the management of the university.
    Speaking at the trophy giving event, Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, the Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University ULK, expressed his satisfaction vis-à-vis the decent organization of the tournament and pledged more support to make this much more interesting in the years that lie ahead.
    “ It’s something stunning to see how this competition was organized to make sure all departments take part and bring this joy to our hearts. Everyone is excited because of this good initiative. I therefore thank the organizers on behalf of ULK and pledge you that we will keep doing all we can to ensure that we always have the best inter-department competitions in the years ahead”, he told the gathering after the winners had been decorated.
    Shortly after handing the trophy to the winning team, excessive joy invaded the place with the Head of Computer Science Department, Mr. KAGARAMA John Baptist, rejoicing with his students and thanking them for having made not only him proud but the whole Computer Science community extremely joyful.
    Given the importance of such a tournament, one may encourage all ULK students to emulate the example of their peers and take part in this competition when it is comes back next time.





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    The Interclass Debate Championship that has been going on since 4th June 2018 at Kigali Independent University ULK took an end today on 21st June 2018 with Year 2 Finance Day Section taking on Year 2 Law Day Section. The event was graced by high profile authorities of ULK including the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ezéchiel SEKIBIBI, the Assistant of the Vice Chancellor in Charge of Academic Affairs, Ms Rebecca BALINDA, ULK lecturers , to mention but a few. Also in attendance were ULK students who had come to support their fellow students.

    At the very start, Mr. Jean Baptiste MANIRAKIZA, the coordinator of the interclass debate competitions who also doubles as the Director of the Center of Languages, gave a brief introduction of what the competition in question is all about. In his introductory remarks, he thanked the management of ULK, the students’ union and ULK community at large for their support in making the competition a success.
    “ I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to the management of our institution, the students ‘Union and ULK community in general for their unwavering support which made this interclass debate championship a success”, he emphatically said.
    Shortly after the statement by Jean Baptiste MANIRAKIZA, the floor was given to Ariane Douce NISHIMWE, the senior judge, to clarify the instructions the debaters were supposed to adhere to while debating. As soon as she was done with the instructions, she welcomed the first speaker from the Proposition side to give the arguments on the motion which goes, “This house believes that unsuccessful leadership is instigated by the lack of honesty”. Year two Law was proposing the motion while year 2 Finance was opposing it.
    The debaters on Finance side were Mr. Edward MUGABO, Ms Francine and Christelle while their opponents from Law were composed of Mr. Fiacre SINGIZWA, Ms CYUZUZO Dushime M. Grace and Ms MUTONIWASE Mbaya Aroobe.
    As it was witnessed by whoever attended the event, both sides proved to have searched the motion as they could quote different written materials and well known personalities to better convince the audience as well as the judges who were composed of Lecturer Sauda UWERA, Mr. KABAYA Paul Ngenzi and Ariane Douce NISHIMWE .
    Shortly after every debater had echoed their views, each team was given three minutes for a reply speech, a statement whose points better summarize the arguments of the team.
    Since the members of the audience were eager wishing to know the winning team, the judges took some minutes to put their marks together and then they disclosed the results which revealed that Year 2 Law were the champions while Year 2 Finance were the First Run up.
    It should be noted that the debaters were handed a token of appreciation in a form of certificates to thank them for their dedication to the debate competition.
    Expressing his perceptions on the debate, Dr. Ezéchiel SEKIBIBI, the Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University ULK, said that the culture of debating is worth saluting as it enables students to think critically and develop their public speaking skills.
    “I’m impressed by the way our students use English language to express their views on a given motion. This is incredible and something that needs to continue as it helps them to think critically and sharpen their public speaking skills”, he underscored.
    It is the Vice Chancellor’s remarks that marked the end of the function.



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    On 8th June 2018, the entire ULK community was in high spirits to welcome a delegation from Trinity Western University/ Vancouver Canada, led by both Dr. Phil Laird and Dr. George Imbezi. Their presence at Kigali Independent University ULK inspired the staff and students on a number of elements related to education in today’s era.

    The event was introduced with a word of prayer said by Mr. Jean Baptiste MANIRAKIZA who was also the moderator of the function. Shortly after his prayer, the Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University ULK, Dr. Ezechiel SEKIBIBI stepped forward for a welcome note in which he requested the audience to listen intelligently to the speakers’ message.

    Since the two men heading the delegation were to address the audience, the floor was given in the first place to Dr. Phil Laird whose talk centered on applying technology in education. As he put it, there are some major trends that need to be taken into account while dealing with education. As he said, those trends are among others, technology, globalization, demographic shifts and diversity.

    Dr. Phil went further to describe some learning methods and the benefits they provide for those using them. Some of the methods he mentioned are adaptive learning and inquiry learning.

    “To effectively teach your students, you need to employ some methods. For example the adaptive learning will enables you  to understand that each learner is different and that learning should meet the learning needs of all learners despite their differences”, said Dr. Phil.

    “Indeed, you should use the inquiry-based learning because young people expect answers right away. The questions asked by the learners drive education”, he added.

    Dr. George Imbezi grabbed the microphone to corroborate what his fellow had just said. In so doing, the focus of his supplement was on technology and its relevance in today’s education.

    Dr. George Imbezi

    Dr. George Imbezi

    To prove how technologically informed he is, he started by impressing the audience with a webcam which, through the projector, could display the image of everyone seated in the room. He then told the gathering that he was sharing the event with his students in Vancouver/Canada; and this marveled everyone in the room.

    “With the proliferation of technology today, you don’t need a TV station to transmit what you’re saying. With a good internet connection, like your 4G I’m using now, my students in Vancouver can see what’s going on now through technology”, he told the participants who were looking at him in awe.

    The method used to transmit their message was so interesting that the participants expressed their burning desire of asking questions shortly after both speakers had finished presenting. However, since owing to time constraints, only some of the questions were received and they all got answered satisfactorily.

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    On 23 May 2018, Dr. BIDERI Eugene from CNLG briefed ULK students and staff on the role of writing and reading books. Since he was talking under Café Littéraire, an event organized by the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG), his talk mainly centered on genocide.

    Café Littéraire, a session at which literary works are discussed, is organized by CNLG as part of efforts to educate the youth about the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and how its denial, minimization and revisionism can be prevented.

    It was a session in which a number of literary works by different authors were discussed for the participants to fully get the gist of the genocide against the Tutsis.

    The function took place at one of the ULK event halls and was graced among other participants by Dr. Ezechiel SEKIBIBI, the Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University ULK, Mr. Théoneste MBONIGABA, the Director of Students Services and Customer Care, ULK staff and students, name it.

    Dr. BIDERI, who is both a lecturer at university and an author of a number of books, had come with some books that mainly talk about the crime of genocide so as to urge the participants to wholeheartedly fight this heinous crime.

    Among the books he had come with include those he personally wrote such as “Le massacre des Bagogwe, un peuple de génocide Tutsi” (The massacre of Bagogwe, a People of Tutsi Genocide) and “Rwanda 1994:  La Couleur d’un Génocide” (Rwanda 1994: The Color of a Genocide).

    The speaker urged the participants to write and read about the history so as to better fight the denial of the genocide against the Tutsi. He also told the participants that writing is not something scary when someone is determined to it.

    “You shouldn’t find writing something difficult and challenging. All you need to do is getting information on what you want to write, and then you dedicate your time to it. You should therefore give you time to writing and document the history of the country for the generations to come to be able to know what really happened”, he told the predominantly youthful audience.

    In his concluding remarks, Dr. Ezechiel SEKIBI thanked the speaker for his time and constructive message, and then he requested the students and staff to actively take part in reading books for broadening their knowledge. Thereafter, he encouraged the audience to continue reading about different works on history.


    “I would like to thank Dr. BIDERI Diogène for his time and important message he has given to us. I believe his message awakens our minds to actively take part in writing and reading books for a better tomorrow. Our library is always open for whoever comes and aspires to read. We should therefore dedicate ourselves to this noble cause,” she told the participants.

    In a question answer session, the event came to a close.

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    In a bid to help ULK students improve their communicative competence in English, Miss Rebecca BALINDA, Lecturer and Academic Assistant to the Vice Chancellor, in collaboration with Mr. KABASHA Medard, ULK Marketing and Carrier Advisory Center Director, brought together all ULK/Gisenyi Campus finalist students (Accounting, Finance & Computer Science combined) to brief them on hints pertaining to job interview. This outstanding activity lasted three days: 27th to 30th May 2018.

    Briefing the students on job interview was relevant of any case as they will soon leave ULK; and once outside there, they will not sit down and fold their arms. For certain, many of them will be running up and down looking for jobs. Good enough, Miss Rebecca BALINDA was warmly welcomed by her targeted audience. They keenly listened to her throughout her presentation.

    On the first day, focus was on theoretical considerations with regards to job interview. To kick-start her presentation, Miss Rebecca told the gathering why employers call job-seekers to appear for a job interview.

    “When applying for a job, you send your cover letter and/or curriculum vitae. Anyway, that is not enough by itself. Your prospective employer may at a time call you to present yourself so that you can be seen. Your presence helps him/her decide whether you measure up to the position advertised. So, your knowledge of dos and don’ts about job interview will help you prove your worth to his/her company.”

    That being said, she went on stating job interview dos and don’ts and elaborating on them. As a matter of fact, the audience realized that a job interview session is a special one. It is different from an ordinary examination session at college or university.

    “There are a number of things you should take note of as you are preparing to sit for a job interview. First and foremost, get to know about the company and anticipate questions that are often asked to applicants during job interview sessions. Second, dress professionally and arrive on time preferably 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled interview. Once seated in front of the interviewers, speak effectively and ascertain your assurance to satisfy your prospective employer in case you are selected for the post (….)”, she briefed the gathering.

    Second day and third day’s activity was all about practice. That is, a job interview session was organized in favor of the students willing to participate. Over 50 students, including those from day section and those from evening section, actively participated in the exercise. The session was unique and one of the kind; one could think it was a real job interview going on within an organizational setting. It should be mentioned that the interview session in question was conducted by a panel made up of four lecturers, namely Miss Rebecca BALINDA, Mr. KABASHA Medard, Eng. NSENGIYUMVA Juvenal and Mr. HAGUMIMANA Frank. Again, a note should be made that Miss Rebecca BALINDA presided over the job interview session.

    All things considered the best two winners: Mr. Dan TURANZINZE (from Finance Day) and MWAFRIKA Josue (from Computer Science) were rewarded.

    ULK/Gisenyi Campus salutes the initiative of Miss Rebecca BALINDA and looks forwards to learning again from her expertise.



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    On 25th May, 2018 ULK/Gisenyi Community (students, staff, etc.) walked to remember the genocide perpetuated against the Tutsi in 1994. The walk kicked off at the campus yard and it was brought to close by Sebeya River. Upon arriving there, flowers were laid down on the river to honor the Tutsi killed and thrown in it during the drastic event of 1994.


    It followed that the gathering walked back to the campus where different officials took the floor. As a matter of fact, all the remarks focused on raising the gathering’s awareness on the genocide perpetuated against the Tutsi; hence shading light on misconceptions some people still have about it.

    In his welcome remarks, Mr. ISHEMA Pierre, the Campus Coordinator, thanked each and everyone present for having joined the walk to remember.
    “I wish to express my heart-felt thanks to each and everyone here present as ULK/Gisenyi Campus gathers to commemorate the genocide perpetuated against the Tutsi in 1994. It’s no wonder that your joining us is a sign of patriotism and above all the honor you give to your fellow Rwandans who were massacred during the genocide against the Tutsi,” he told the gathering.
    In his remarks, Mr. KALISA Roger, Representative of Rubavu District at the function, particularly stressed how we can make sure future generations never forget the genocide perpetuated against the Tutsi.

    “Many writers have come up with books about the genocide against the Tutsi. You should avail every opportunity to read those books. I exhort young people, especially students, to learn from History. You will all agree with me that he who does not learn from history is doomed not to know more about past events,” he was quoted saying.
    No wonder, by spreading testimonials about genocide in books, it is possible to ensure that the genocide is not forgotten, no matter how many years pass, as memories are passed on to the next generation.
    However, he went on saying that it is not enough just to learn from history, or just to remember the genocide. It is also imperative to tackle, challenge, debate, discuss, expose and teach so that it remains a contemporary issue.
    Speaking on the occasion, Dr SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, ULK Vice-Chancellor and guest of honor stressed why it is so important to remember the genocide perpetuated against the Tutsi.

    He said, “Remembering the genocide perpetuated against the Tutsi is an important act in itself. Indeed, that helps us to honor its victims and comfort the victims’ relatives. Indeed, when we walk to remember the genocide perpetuated against the Tutsi, we acknowledge the great evil done (…)”
    It should be noted that besides remarks by different officials, testimonies about the genocide against the Tutsi were given by some genocide survivors present at the function.



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    On 21st May 2018, Prof. Dr Volkmar Brückner concluded his training which had been going on since a number of weeks ago. The last session of his training mainly focused on briefing students on what telecommunication is all about.

    Prof. Dr. Volkmar Brückner

    Prof. Dr. Volkmar Brückner

    Prof. Dr. Volkmar Brückner is a German national who specialized in the field of telecommunication, and he is a member of SES (Senior Expert Service).
    The presence of this expert at ULK Polytechnic was in line with the MoUs this institute has signed with some Germany academic institutions which enable both sides to collaborate academically. In this perspective, Prof. Dr. Volkmar Brückner has been training ULK Polytechnic instructors so that in return they would also train their students with complete and unquestionable skills.
    Using a well prepared PowerPoint presentation, Prof. Dr. Volkmar Brückner showed how various electronic devices work. At this point, he left the audience looking in awe when he revealed the wonders behind the functioning of radios, televisions, telephones and many other electronic devices.

    Prof. Dr. Volkmar Brückner

    Prof. Dr. Volkmar Brückner

    Actually, many people with little or no knowledge of telecommunication think that sending messages using electronic devices is a walk in the park yet it passes through numerous ways for the message to be fully transmitted.
    Along his presentation, the speaker warned the students to pay much attention to information shared using internet as such information may be stolen or used by unauthorized people.
    “You should learn more about cryptology to better know how hacking is done for its prevention. Again, you need to be careful when you’re texting your friends or posting information on social media because it might be hacked. Hackers are always there waiting for what to hack. So pay heed in whatever you write”, he cautioned the students.
    Since Prof. Dr. Volkmar Brückner wowed many participants through his presentation, a stream of participants expressed their desire to ask questions when the floor was opened to them for this particular purpose. It was after satisfactorily attending to each and every question that the function came to a close.
    Asked about the benefits got from the training, Mr. Patrick KAYIJAMAHE, the Head of Department in ULK Polytechnic, said that numerous benefits have been registered.
    “Yes, we benefited a lot from the training because the training was mainly meant for instructors who would in return train our students. Therefore, we can say that this training yielded huge benefits as we expect these instructors to share the unfathomable skills got from the training by sharpening our students’ minds”, he proudly said.
    As this academician gets ready to fly back to his home country, there is hope that many others will continue to jet into the country for sharpening the minds of instructors and students in ULK Polytechnic because capacity building is an endless process.
    One would therefore salute the initiative by the management of ULK Polytechnic which never ceases to think about what could take the institution to another level. Indeed, it is this visionary leadership and pro-students initiative that makes students live to see their academic dreams coming true.