ULK recruits the best.

  • Acting Dean of the School of Law

    MUSAFILI Gasana

    On behalf of the School of Law of the Kigali Independent University, let me convey hereby to you, our sincere greetings and a warm welcome....
  • Dean of the School of Social Sciences

    Dr BINENWA Bosco

    Welcome to the School of Social Sciences. The creation of this School was due to a number of reasons; namely: • The demand from a very elevated...
  • Director of Administration and Finance / ULK Gisenyi Campus

    KARARA Alexis

    We have the pleasure to welcome you at the Kigali Independent University, Gisenyi Campus. The establishment and the development of an educational...
  • Director of Career nAdvisory Centre

    RUKUNDO Friend

    Welcome to the ULK Career Advisory Centre – CAC 1. Establishment of Career Advisory Center in High Education Institutions The establishment...
  • Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics - ULK Kigali Campus

    Dr OKOKO Osambo

    Education for “All “ has nowadays become a national reality that must be faced at all levels of education. ULK as a project has come out...