Academic Calendar

1st Term 4/9/2018 Tuesday Beginning of year ones 2018-2019
1/10/2018 Monday Beginning of upper classes 2018-2019 and induction week
30/11/2018 Friday 1st Meeting of the Council of the Institution
12/12/2018 Wednesday Graduation ceremony/Kigali Campus
21/12/2018 Thursday Graduation ceremony/Gisenyi Campus
21/12/2018 Friday Beginning of of the Christmas Break
2nd Term 7/1/2019 Monday End of Christmas break  and Activities resume & Beginning of second term
30/1/2019 Wednesday Conference on heroes day preparation
1/2/2019 Friday Heroes day
4/3/2019 Monday Beginning of second intake
22/3/2019 Wednesday 2nd Meeting of the Council of the Institution
29/3/2019 Friday End of Second Term
3rd Term 1/4/2019 Monday Beginning of third term
5/4/2019 Friday Beginning of short break
7/4/2019 Sunday Commemoration of Genocide against Tutsi
15/4/2019 Monday End of short break
26/4/2019 Friday Public Lecture
1/5/2019 Wednesday Labor day
28/6/2019 Friday End of third term
4th Term 1/7/2019 Monday Independence day
2/7/2019 Tuesday Beginning of fourth term
3/7/2019 Wednesday Conference on Liberation Day
4/7/2019 Thursday Liberation day
5/7/2019 Friday End of classes for day section
12-26/8/2019 Special assessment period for day section
2/9/2019 Monday Beginning of Year ones for the new academic year 2019-2020
14/8/2019 Friday First submission of memoirs Day section
28/8/2019 Friday End of classes for evening section
28/8/2019 Friday 1st submission for evening section and 2nd submission for day section
02-20/9/2019 Special assessment period  and 2nd submission of Memoirs for evening section
7/10/2019 Monday Beginning of Academic year 2019-2020 and 2nd submission of evening section
22/11/2019 Friday Meeting of the Council
N.B: Senior Management meeting is held once a week and Academic senate meeting is held once two months.
Dr SEKIBIBI Ezechiel
Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University ULK