Head of Technique and Assets

Duties of the Head of Technique and Assets:

Planning, directing, coordinating and controlling the overall activities related to the management of the patrimony and activities regarding hygiene, health care security and ULK’s working conditions;

Defining and formulating, in consultation with other agents under his supervision and those from other services, a clear and coherent policy relative to the management of the patrimony and to hygiene;

Elaborating control procedures allowing to insure about sound functioning of the installations of water production and distribution and electricity; and guaranteeing their security;

Organizing and controlling the maintenance and repair of the installations existing at ULK;

Elaborating control procedures and means enabling to insure that the premises fulfill their function well and guarantee people’s security and the protection of the environment; Localizing defaults and bringing remedy;

Controlling expenditures and looking forward to the rational use of the material and human resources pertaining to his service;

Participating to meetings organized by his hierarchical authority and the others in which he represents him;

Preparing and conducting meetings of his service and forwarding reports to his hierarchical authority;

Carrying out any other task assigned to him by his hierarchical authority.

Head, Technique and Assets

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