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    On 3rd June 2017, three students from Kigali Independent University ULK, Kigali Campus, won a debate challenge on environment. It was a competition organized by Gasore Serge Foundation to find out how much students from across the country are informed as far as environment is concerned.

    A few days before the debate competition, participants had to pass through the pre-selection stage whereby they all had to write an essay on the theme which goes, ‘Importance of reforestation in Rwanda’. This essay competition saw many academic institutions from all corners of the country take part and ULK students did not miss out. Those who passed the essay writing competition were called for a two day training session before the debate competition could take place.

    Three ULK students, members of the Debate Club, represented the university to this competition which was running for the very first time. The students in question are; IRANYURANYA Emery Ascension (ULK Debate Club President, Year 1 Social Sciences), SHYAKA Rayson (Year 1 Social Sciences) and MUKARAGE Kevin (Year 3 International Relations).

    During the pre-selection phase, all ULK students proved their essay writing skills and marveled the examiners who could do nothing else other than considering them for the oral competition which was to be held at Kalisimbi Hotel in the City of Kigali.


    One of the adjudicators giving instructions

    One of the adjudicators giving instructions

    Having made it through to the debate competition, the 3 ULK students had to meet 5 more students selected from the rest of the country to make it 8 altogether. With eight debaters, it was now possible to organize a parliamentary debate competition with 4 teams of 2 debaters each.

    As soon as the groups were formed, the competition kicked off and the debaters had to show their standing and try to convince both the audience and judges on the motion which goes, “This house should ban the importation of industrially processed forest products”.

    It was a tight and tough competition as each and every team vied for winning it while individual debaters shook earth and heaven to emerge best debaters.


    Smiles on their lips with certificates in their hands (Photo

    Smiles on their lips with certificates in their hands (Photo

    All that has a beginning certainly has an end. At the end of the day, the adjudicators took some minutes to accumulate their marks and thereafter disclose the names of the winners. What gladdened ULK debaters and their fans is that among the three awards that were to be handed to winners, two of them went to ULK debaters with MUKARAGE Kevin walking away with Best Debater Award while SHYAKA Jesse Rayson scooped Best Talented Debater Award.  Also, certificates were handed to the 8 finalist debaters to recognize their role in the competition.

    Gasore Serge, Founder of Gasore Serge Foundation (Photo

    Gasore Serge, Founder of Gasore Serge Foundation (Photo

    As underscored by Gasore Serge, Founder of Gasore Serge Foundation, the official awarding ceremony will take place in Bugesera District on 11th June, 2017 where the debaters will join residents in that area to plant trees so as to make the area look green.

    Debater MUKARAGE Keving being awarded by Gasore Serge (Photo

    Debater MUKARAGE Keving being awarded by Gasore Serge (Photo

    Good to say, the culture of debating has become part and parcel of ULK students ‘lives to the extent that winning competitions is for them a walk in the park.

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    AGEULK Championship 2017 – Match Fixtures

    Header AGEULK Sports

    ULK STUDENTS INTER-DEPARTMENTS CHAMPIONSHIP 2017                                                         


    1. EBS (A&B)                 1.COMPUTER SCIENCE DEPARTMENT
    Economics Department EBS (A/B)
     Accounting Department Finance Department
    Law Department Computer Science Department
    Polytechnics Departments Development studies and International Relations  Departments


    O5/06/2017 Accounting  VS  Polytechnics 06/06/2017  Finance Vs. Social Science
    07/06/2017 Economics VS  Law 08/06/017 EBS (A/B) VS Computer
    09/06/2017  Law    Vs. Accounting 12/06/2017 Computer Science  vs. Finance
    13/06/2017 Polytechnics VS. Economics 14/06/2017 EBS (A/B) VS  Social Science
    15/06/2017 Accounting VS. Economics 16/06/2017 Finance VS EBS (A/B)
    19/06/2017  Law     VS  Polytechnics 20/06/2017 Social Sciences VS Computer Science


                                                 SEMI –FINAL

    Date :23/06/2017              1st Team   Group A   Vs   2nd team group B
    Date:26/06/2017                1st Team    Group B   Vs   2nd Team  A

                                                       3RD PLACE

        The losers team in semi-final                           ON 28/06/2017


        The winners team in semi-final                      ON 30/06/2017





    NDAYISABA ISAAC                                                                 GATANAZI GERVAIS


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    ULK/Gisenyi Campus Gathers To Close The Induction Week

    On Friday 7th October 2016, ULK/Gisenyi Campus community was rejuvenated to gather in the main hall to close the induction week which was officially launched on Monday 3rd October 2016. The function brought together the university’s officials, lecturers, administrative cadres as well as students. Were invited to the function, KANAMUGIRE Theobald and NSABIMANA Sylvain, respectively Chief Inspector of Police and Executive Secretary of Rubavu District.

    Just after a brief few remarks by the campus number one, Prof. Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, the OPJ took the floor to brief the gathering. His address was focused on security. To kick-start, he said that Rwanda is among the countries which top the ladder when it comes to talking about peace and security. Nevertheless, he said that there are a number of things causing the world great concern, and particularly the government of Rwanda. Those things are jeopardizing peace and security world over, and Rwanda is not spared though its situation is not so far alarming.

    Police Officer Induction Week Gisenyi

    Just to cite a few examples among others, he said, “Our world today is experiencing a set of issues which make it difficult to maintain sustainable peace and security. Just to give you examples, I can cite terrorism, human trafficking, sexual violence made to young girls and women, violence in households, drug abuse as well as beating and causing wounds. It’s a pity that young people like you today are blindly engaged into some of such abominable actions instead of pursuing their dreams and ensuring a bright future.”

    The Chief Inspector of Police elaborated on each issues and everything considered, he exhorted the youth in attendance to live a life free of drugs, and premarital sex. Particularly, he urged them to learn to say “no” to people who come and dupe them aiming at engaging them in terrorist acts, and the like.

    It followed that Mr. NSABIMANA Sylvain, the guest of honor, also took the floor. In his remarks, he put forward some points of supplement to reinforce the briefings by the Chief Inspector of Police. Being a product of ULK, he told the gathering that he had a great privilege to study the course dubbed, “Ethics and Rwandan Culture and Civic Education”, a course delivered by the Founder and President of ULK. He went on to say that through this course he was imparted with ethical values which have been guiding him, hence making him a successful. Most importantly, he bid students expecting to study the same course to ascertain they make use of its contents to build a better tomorrow

    ULK Gisenyi Induction Week Speaker

    Moving on to the induction week itself, Mr. NSABIMANA Sylvain expressed his thanks to those who had devoted themselves to training and initiating the new students. It is on this note of gratitude that he declared closed the induction week.

    ULK Gisenyi Campus Induction Week Group Photo


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    It was an event full of enthusiasm when the induction week got closed on 7th October, 2016. This colorful event was held in the stadium of the university where a friendly football match got organized between on-going students and the new students. As revealed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor of ULK, Dr. Ezekiel Sekibibi, the match was organized to cement relationships and unity between new students and their fellows in upper classes. This was vindicated by a group photo taken after the match whereby both teams got photographed while mixed up.

    New students spent five days learning values and Rwandan culture which enable them to become important people appreciated by their fellow countrymen. While there, they got introduced to itorero realities; and consequently they all became intore (civically trained persons). As it is for any other intore, new students had to pledge what they will have to achieve in the days ahead.


    In their pledges, they have vowed to be people of integrity and good manners. Besides, they have made it clear that they will rally alongside the government of Rwanda in its endeavors to find solutions to the most pressing problems faced by Rwandans.


    Sarah Bahati and her colleague at ULK Kigali Induction Week

    As the function went by, two students were called forward to echo what they might have learnt from the itorero. The duo, notably; Mr Emery and Miss Sarah Bahati said that the training on values and culture left them with important lessons.

    According to Emery, different people who came to address them on a number of themes came timely and equipped them with the necessary information. “The week has been a blessing for us. Not only did it help us to feel fully integrated into the university, but it also enabled us to hear from various speakers who equipped our minds with important information like using ICT for job creation”, he proudly said.

    Corroborating her brother, Miss Sarah, an international student, said that the week made it possible for them to befriend Rwandan students in such a way that they all feel belonging to the same family. “This week has been of great significance for us. We now have lots of Rwandan friends and have unity among us, and this will boost our success in class”, she said with beams of smile on her lips.

    Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda during Induction Week 2016 at Kigali Campus

    Speaking at the function, Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda, the Founder and President of Kigali Independent University, expressed his satisfaction vis-à-vis the success witnessed during the induction week. He also requested all the students (new and ongoing) to keep cherishing the team-spirit that they have started breastfeeding.

    “It is good to see that fresher students are now enjoying love and care. This must continue to define you as ULK students. You must build on that oneness to be able to succeed academically”, he requested them.

    Everything considered, a group photo got taken and that marked the end of the glamorous event.

    ULK Founder and President Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda induction week Group Photo

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    On the third day of the induction week, 5th October 2016, ULK/Gisenyi Campus students were honoured to hear from the Founder and President of the university, Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda.

    Upon his arrival at the Campus, the main hall was full beyond its capacity. As a matter of fact, fresher students were very excited to hear from the visionary man they had been longing to see face


    To get the ball rolling, he said a word of prayer and subsequently went on to express his heartfelt gratitude to all new students , and particularly those from DRC, for their trust invested in ULK by choosing it among many other universities.

    Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda induction week Gisenyi

    “I’m very appreciative to you for having directed your choice to this institution. You could have chosen any other university, but good enough you made up your mind to embark on your university studies at ULK. Given this, we cannot fail to thank you and we pledge to never let you down”, he said.

    Back to the context of the induction week, the Founder and President of ULK told the gathering an anecdote pertaining to the hardship new students went through, during their time, upon reaching university. He said that they underwent “bleusaille”, a bad initiation practice where fresher students were subject to humiliation rather than being friendly welcomed by upper classes students. Contrary to such a practice, ULK welcomes new students, initiates them to the university culture and practices so that they can feel at home.

    It is on this note that the Founder and President of ULK tackled the theme of his presentation which was dubbed, “ULK culture and philosophy”. After clarifying what culture is all about, he pointed out the principles guiding ULK Philosophy, notably: to have faith in God, to know your mission on earth, to live ethical values and to have positive thoughts. He elaborated on each principle in such way that fresher students in attendance looked assured that ULK, as an institution of higher learning, is unique and one of the kind.

    Before winding up his presentation, he made it clear that ULK is devoted to do its utmost to provide students with quality training. To get there, however, students should not fold their arms. It is in this framework that he briefed them on keys to success at university, notably: regular class attendance and participation, regular personal study, participation in group work, mastery of the language of instruction, mastery of computer, and reading.

    That being said, a question-answer session was opened and unnumbered interventions, mostly implying an expression of satisfaction, were put forward.


    All is well that ends well. To crown it all, a closing prayer was said by Prof. Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, the Campus number one.


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    Today, October 4th 2016, ULK Kigali Campus students were privileged to be briefed on the relevance of working closely with financial institutions like banks. This was in a presentation made by three men working for 3 separate companies operating in the country.

    The three men are Mr Kalimunda Erinest, Business Growth and Development Manager in Equity Bank, Mr Emmanuel Tuyisenge, Founder of TEMACO Builders, and Gilbert Banamwana, CEO of Cycle Investment Cooperative.

    The three presenters took the floor one by one and wetted students’ appetite on how to start a business for self-reliance. To better convey their massage, Mr Kalimunda Ernest focused on the importance of saving culture and what to expect when someone has adopted the culture of working closely with banking institutions. He also reminded participants that some people fail in their endeavors not because they were born to fail but simply because they try to live beyond their means.

    “There are some people who don’t own bank accounts. They keep their money with them or they sometimes blame their money to be too little to save. This is a misconception because any coin is worth saving and can take you to a higher financial position”, he told them.

    “If you want to be successful in life and financially make considerable strides, you should not live beyond your means. Instead you should live according to your revenues and spent accordingly”, he added.

    To supplement what Kalimunda had said, Mr Emmanuel Tuyisenge took the floor and shed more light on how he created his own Company, TEMACO Builders, which deals in construction materials. In his words, he proved how starting from scratch can take someone to another level. When he started, he had no seed capital to kick-start his project with, but he remained focused and together with a never give up spirit, he finally got where he wanted to be. Today, his company is one of well known companies countrywide and gives services to a stream of people.

    “When I started, I was completely broke. However I had an idea within me and I moved earth and heaven to make it materialize one day. What is important is having information, willingness and avoid procrastinating plans”, he said.

    However, what impressed participants most is the way Mr Gilbert Banamwana, former Economics student at Kigali Independent University  ULK and currently pursuing a master’s program at the same university, happened to create a Microfinance by urging ULK students to save a coin of one hundred Rwandan Francs(100FR) on a daily basis.

    As he disclosed, his company now stands at one hundred fifty million Rwandan Francs as working capital (150,000,000FR). Besides, the microfinance supports small business owners by providing them with loans to uplift themselves economically.

    “I always had an idea of starting a banking institution. However since I couldn’t know how to make it happen, I could get stuck. But one day an idea crossed into my mind and now the business company I’ve created has grown big and is helping people from all backgrounds of life”, he proudly told participants.

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    Yesterday, the 3rd day of October the year 2016, Kigali Independent University ULK/Gisenyi Campus launched the induction week, a function where new students are welcomed, integrated among upper class students and initiated to university practices, not forgetting some government policies.

    ULK Gisenyi Campus Induction Week

    The function started with a light-hearted animation by the AGEULK committee(INTORE Z’INDAGAMBURUZA) under the lead of Mr. Islam. Shortly after a prayer, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, Prof. Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel took the floor to officially launch the academic year 2016-2017 as well as the induction week. In his remarks, he enthusiastically thanked the new students, INTORE MUZINDI, for having chosen ULK among many more universities operating across the country and the region at large.

    Induction Week ULK Gisenyi Campus

    Beloved students, I can’t thank you enough for having decided to join this university, the hub of knowledge and ethical values. I can assure you that my team and I stand more than ready to meet your expectations (…..)”, he was quoted saying.

    Prof. Dr MUNYAMASOKO went on to talk of the culture and philosophy of ULK. The INTORE MU ZINDI were all eyes and all ears throughout his briefings and you could see many of them jotting down the gist of the message. Before winding up, he highlighted the importance of education by elaborating on the “human capital theory” by Adams Smith.

    He said, “Education is the most important investment of all. This can merely be justified by the double profitability as explained by Adams Smith through the human capital theory. It’s no wonder that investing in education yields private profitability as well as social profitability. Next week, you’ll be dealing with your respective courses, doing huge assignments, etc. All you need to know is that upon the completion of your studies you will enjoy sustainable gains from your education, and why not your families and your country at large?(…..)”

    After the briefings by the campus number one, the students, irrespective of their seniority or whatever, were split into different groups. Each group was given a coach to initiate educational games, implying unity, determination, integrity, just to mention among others.

    Group Students ULK Gisenyi

    Group Students ULK Gisenyi

    Everything considered, all the students gathered again in the university’s main hall for a feedback session. A group photograph marked the end of the induction week-day one programme.

    ULK Gisenyi Students Induction Week 2016-2017

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    Today, October 3rd 2016 new students registered in various departments at Kigali Independent University ULK, were officially welcomed. This took place in a colorful event that was held in the stadium of the university. It should be noted that both refreshers and ongoing students gathered in this stadium to know one another and vow to cement their brotherhood as students studying at the same institution.

    It was a function that had attracted different dignitaries such as Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda, the Founder and President of ULK, Prof. Kalisa Mbanda, Chancellor of ULK, Dr. Sekibibi Ezekiel, Vice Chancellor of ULK, to mention but a few.


    In his welcome note, Dr. Sekibibi Ezekiel, assured new students that the decision they have made to join Kigali Independent University ULK will never be regretted. “You have made the right choice to join Kigali Independent University ULK, and I’m pleased to let you know that you will never be disappointed. We will do all in our power to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need for a brighter future”, he assured them.

    Prof Dr KALISA MBANDA during induction week at ULK

    In his opening remarks, Prof. Kalisa Mbanda, requested the university community to welcome freshers with both hands and help them to meet their academic aspirations. “I’d like to request the entire university community to warmly welcome these new students and make them fully integrated in the academic community so as to meet their expectations in terms of studies”, he said.

    “However, the best way to help them is to show them that ethical values and taboos are the only pillars we all build on for self-worth, dignity and pride. Therefore, embracing them will undoubtedly impact positively on their days ahead”, he added.


    In the same perspective, the Founder and President of ULK, Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda stressed the significance of ethical values in our day to day lives. In his utterances, he said that competence without ethical values cannot guarantee a long-lasting job to an employee. “You may be competent and pass recruitment exams, but if you aren’t endowed with ethical values, I’m sure you will be shown the exit after six months”, he stressed.

    Talking about freshers, the President said that new students are entitled to a good environment which enables them to become real agents of change in their communities. “New students must find an excellent climate, environment to enable them to become managers, leaders, cadres of positive change in the society”, he added.

    Since the induction week is culture-bound, new students were grouped into small groups in which they will be trained about values and cultural realities which make a person important in the society. Indeed, while in those groups, students happen to know one another and feel that they are loved and cared for.

    It is worth informing that this induction week, commonly known as “ Intore mu zindi” in Kinyarwanda , kicked off today and will go up to Friday 7th October, 2016.

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