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113 Millions Disbursed to Agaciro Development Fund

Officially launched by His Excellence President Paul KAGAME on 23rd August 2012, Agaciro Development Fund was initiated to serve two purposes namely; raising more domestic resources to help accelerate Economic Development and supplementing the usual state resources . From the official launch, Rwandans have been making their pledges to accord their financial contributions as individuals or corporate institutions.

To this end, Kigali Independent University disbursed one hundred and thirteen Millions Rwandan francs (Rwf 113,000,000). The sum was raised from both the pledges of ULK staff and the corporate contribution from both Kigali and Gisenyi campuses.

More clearly, the Rwf 113,000,000 were disbursed as here indicated:

  • Rwf 81,000,000 from the pledges of staff at ULK Kigali campus;
  • RWf 10,000,000 from the corporate contribution of ULK Kigali campus
  • Rwf 17,000,000 from the pledges of staff at ULK Gisenyi campus; and
  • RWf 5,000,000 from the corporate contribution of ULK Gisenyi campus.

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