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Hosting visitors has been a culture at Kigali Independent University. As a typical example, Thursday, 21st October, 2014, ULK Gisenyi Campus hosted a delegation from US Embassy in Rwanda, made of Mr Steven and Rebecca. As the content of their message revealed, the purpose of their visit was a twofold, i.e. interacting with the campus community on “Youth leadership and Civic engagement” and then brief them on the program called, “Young African Leadership.

As for attendance, students and campus staff had come in big numbers to listen to these speakers. To their anticipations, the first presenter, Steven, got on the stage with a theme dubbed, “Youth leadership and Civic engagement”.

Throwing some light on the above theme, Steven introduced his talk with a question-answer session

ULK Gisenyi campus visited by Americans
Throwing some light on the above theme, Steven introduced his talk with a question-answer session. To this, he called four volunteers from students and asked them to attribute a definition to the concept, “leadership”. Four students quickly made it to the podium and braved the question with relatively understandable definitions.
Having shared with students views on how they perceive the word, leadership, he then put forth what he termed as “three pieces of advice to become a good leader”; notably, consuming information every single day, picking what one can make a difference on in his community, and finding a mentor.

As a matter of illustration, he said that those whose desire is to become good leaders, they should make sure they read and listen to news for information on different realities. He also added that a good leader should find something to make a difference on in his community. To this, he urged young people to find what their community is lacking and strive for its availability.

Indeed, he advised those wishing to become good leaders to look for mentors. Mentors are people who are more knowledgeable in a given field and play the role of coaching less skilled people for professionalization in what they do.

Rebecca briefed participants on a program known as “Young African Leaders”

ULK Gisenyi campus visited Universite Libre de Kigali

As soon as his talk touched its climax, the floor got given to Rebecca for what she had as well. Concisely, she briefed participants on a program known as “Young African Leaders”. This program was initiated by the United States of America, whereby they selected talented young Sub-Saharan Africans to go to USA for intensive leadership trainings and then send them back to transform their respective nations.
As she said, to be eligible for this, one must be aged between 25-35 years, be a citizen from Sub-Saharan region, have a good command of English, among other requirements. The end of her talk marked the end of the function.

In his concluding remarks, Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, recalled the main points the function centered on, and thanked both the speakers and participants for their fruitful deliberations.



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