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In the framework of partnership, a delegation from ISP-Rutshuru made up of 40 students and 4 members of the academic staff set foot at ULK-Gisenyi Campus today 14th May 2014.
Upon their arrival on the campus, they were made to visit different services, the computer labs, library among others.
Impressed, they could not help expressing their appreciation. “Your institution has tremendously advanced in terms of technology. Everything is computerized”, the delegation declared in amazement.
After they had been shown around the campus, a feedback session led by Dr Cyeze MUNYAMASOKO Emmanuel, Vice Rector Academics/ Gisenyi Campus, was opened to share experiences.

The session provided ISP/Rutshuru delegation with an opportunity to satisfy their curiosity by sorting out various questions. Most importantly, they sought to know how ULK, a private institution, has gone that far in terms of organization and development.
“The secret behind ULK’s success is nothing else but good management and leadership of its managers”, Mr. HABIMANA Gabriel, the Director of Academic Affairs, revealed.


Given the floor, the Director of CELA, Mr. Sylvain NIZEYIMANA, highlighted the importance of inter-university debates. To this, he requested ISP officials to take action and facilitate their students to come back some day and interact with ULK students through debates on issues of interest.
In his address, the Vice Rector Academics, mentioned policies influencing quality education at ULK, evaluation of lecturers by students, hiring each and every lecturer basing on how well they have satisfied in a recruitment test, to mention but a few.
Having marveled at what they saw and heard, ISP officials expressed their wish according to which the partnership between both institutions of higher learning should be developed.

Football game
“We wish that our partnership with ULK may extend beyond our expectation. We have realized that you are better people than we thought, so we look forward to your continued cooperation,” stated Mr. RURAHOZE Jean Paul, the head of ISP delegation.
Football game
To cement the partnership, the encountering ended with a fair football match that brought together ULK students and ISP-Rutshuru students at UMUGANDA Stadium. The gods favored the former as they beat the latter hollow: 8 goals to1.
Indeed, ULK is determined to excel in everything!


Let us salute the initiative of Mr Amani BALINDA, president of AGEULK/Gisenyi, for having initiated the function.

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