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Many years down the line, the world has been experiencing a number of problems which impinge on people’s economic development. As a typical example, countries facing unceasing wars are unlikely to step forward economically since what they struggle for is to pacify their motherlands before nourishing any other dreams. We have all witnessed periods of wars, skirmishes, insurgencies, and the like, either locally or regionally. These types of insecurity are believed to be root-causes of some small and light arms displayed here and there or owned illegally by some individuals. Such illicit arms may one day be used or explode and jeopardize the stability of the nation. It is in this respect that on 17th February, 2015 a delegation from the ministry of internal security led by Mr. Emmanuel Karara Misingo visited ULK Gisenyi Campus to brief its community on the effects of small and light arms owned or used illegally.

As usual, functions taking place at ULK are introduced with a word of prayer. It is in this regards that lecturer Stanislas NTEZIYAREMYE was given the floor to call upon heavenly blessings before the main speaker could make it to the stage for his message. His prayer paved the way for the welcome remarks made by Dr. Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, who warmly welcomed the delegation and wished them fruitful deliberations with the campus community.

Having been welcomed, Mr. Misingo made it to the stage to convey his message whose theme was, “Prevention of Small arms and light weapons.” As any other pundit in the field would proceed, he started his talk with the definition of what should be understood when the phrase ‘small and light arms’ is articulated. As he put it, small arms are those arms which can be used by one individual. They include revolvers, self-loading pistols, rifles , submachine and light machine guns to mention but a few, whereas light weapons include among others heavy machine guns; hand-held grenade launchers; portable anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns; recoilless rifles; portable launchers of anti-aircraft and anti-tank missile systems; and mortars of calibers of less than 100 mm).

Having amply explained what small arms and light weapons are all about; Misingo went further to request participants to rally alongside the government in its ambition of collecting all illicit arms that are yet to be located. He also said that whenever such arms and weapons are unearthed, they are either set ablaze or transformed into other useful objects which can be harmlessly used by people “Our government has embarked on the move to collect all small arms and light weapons that are illegally kept so that they may be destroyed for the safety of citizens”, he told them.

Moreover, Misingo made it clear that the government of Rwanda has signed various protocols including that of Nairobi signed in 2004 with the aim being to prevent and put an end to the spread of illicit arms and light weapons. It is in the same vein that whenever arms or weapons are brought into the country, they have to be registered and marked so that their expiration date may be known.

Before wrapping up the presentation, he called upon participants, students as a matter of fact, to join the fight against the spread and illegal use of small arms and light weapons. “You are the hope and the future of the nation, therefore you have to be on the forefront when it comes to fighting the use of illegal arms and weapons”, he urged students.
Since any presentation is mostly deemed important when the audience is given the floor for comments and questions, the presenter did not deny participants the green-light to express their views on the theme of the day. To this, a number of comments and questions were put forth and thereafter the presenter reacted to them all.

Given the fact that the presentation was interesting, Dr. Munyamasoko grabbed the microphone to extend his heartfelt thanks to the delegation and requested participants to keep by heart what they were told. “The presentation was undoubtedly important. Let us own the message and join hands as true vanguards of change so that illicit arms and weapons may have no seat in our country”, he said in his concluding remarks.


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