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ULK Gisenyi Campus English Club’s members had dreamt for so long to debate with native speakers of English. This big dream of theirs came true today 30th May 2014 when they had the privilege to interact with a group of American students from Point Loma Nazarene University, California through a friendly debate on the topic dubbed “SHOULD ETHICAL VALUES BE IMPARTED INTO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS?”
Among the people in attendance were Dr. Ezechiel SEKIBIBI (ULK Rector) Dr. MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel (Vice Rector Academics/Gisenyi Campus), Pastor Simeon Pierre ( Gisenyi Nazarene Church), Mr. HABIMANA Gabriel (Academic Director), Mr. Mupenzi NSENGIYUMVA (Quality Director), Mr. MUGUMO Déo (DAF), lecturers, Mr. Amani BALINDA (AGEULK President), Mr. Innocent GASORE (English Club President) and hundreds of students,
The campus main hall was full beyond its capacity as each and everyone was eager to watch our students exchanging with people speaking English natively.

To make the event more colorful, the audience was entertained by different gospel songs by both the local choir from Gisenyi Nazarene Church and Love Works Choir from California. What a thrilling live concert it was! The audience could not hide their feelings; they joined the choristers in praising the Most High.
Before the debaters from both sides were called to the stage, one of the guests, Mr Abraham Powers, preached the congregation. He proved the power of a prayer by giving testimonies showing how prayers work for those who believe.
Next was the discussion that brought together three students from each side. ULK was represented by MUKANDI Vandric (Year 3 Finance), FEZA Clémence( Year 1 EBS) and Jeremy BALINDA( Year 1 EBS), whereas the Point University /California was represented by Abraham Powers, Rachel Pomeroy and James Bishop. Given the nature of the discussion topic and the purpose of the gathering, all the debaters were to support it.


To the audience’ satisfaction, ULK students demonstrated a sound knowledge of English as a result yielded from the English Club. Indeed, they manipulated the language of Shakespeare in such a way that their counterparts from America were left amazed. “Amazingly, your students have a good command of English. And they are used to debating,” said the head of the delegation to CELA team.
It should be made clear that all the debaters were of the view that ethical values should be imparted into university students. This is true of any case since they are expected to take over after they leave university. With ethical values, they will be smart leaders, managers, businessmen, etc.


Speaking on the occasion, Mr MANIRAKIZA Jean Baptiste, CELA Gisenyi member, thanked debaters and underscored that good education should go hand in hand with ethical values. “From the bottom of my heart, I thank today’s debaters. We must all agree to what Aristotle said, Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all,” he said.
Given the floor, Mr NIZEYIMANA Sylvain, Director of CELA, corroborated Mr MANIRAKIZA by recalling what François LABELAIS said, “Science without conscience is nothing but the destruction of the soul.” To illustrate this famous quotation, he made it clear that for students to grow into leaders, managers free from corruption or any other kind of anti-value, university institutions have a moral obligation to help students become more ethical individuals.”

In the closing remark, Dr SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, ULK Rector who was the guest of honor on the occasion expressed his satisfaction to ULK Gisenyi Campus administration, CELA team, the Gisenyi Nazarene Church Pastor, Point Loma Nazarene University delegation among others. He emphasized the importance of teaching about ethical values to students. “The greatest need of the world today is people endowed with ethical values. Undoubtedly, ethical values are the foundation of a brighter tomorrow. Dear students, you should always make sure you abide by ethical values day in, day out,” he told them. “The partnership between ULK and Point University should not end here, it is to develop”, he enthusiastically suggested.
All is well that ends well. The event was wound up with a word of prayer led by the guest of honor.







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