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A lot of water has passed under the bridge since humanity started feasting. If we go back to ancient civilizations, we may easily find that people used to get together for festivities and anniversaries. As a matter of example, phrases like silver jubilee, golden jubilee and diamond jubilee are not of present era. They are as old as the language itself. In a bid to follow in the footsteps of their forefathers, AERG/ULK Gisenyi members marked the 11th anniversary.

The event took place on 27th March 2015 in the campus main hall. The guest of honor in this function was Major General Mubarakh MUGANGA, Army Commander in the western province. Also in attendance were, Innocent KABANDA, Ibuka Representative in Rubavu District, Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, Alexis KARARA, Deputy Vice Chancellor Finance, Mupenzi NSENGIYUMVA, Quality Director, different pastors, ULK staff and students to mention but a few.
In a bid to ensure a smooth function, Pastor MASASU was given the floor to lead participants in a word of prayer. His prayer was followed by the welcome remarks by Dr MUNYAMASOKO who thanked participants and AERG members to have organized such an event.

AERG ULK Gisenyi pre­sident

Speaking at the function, Mr KAZUNGU Emmanuel, AERG/ULK Gisenyi president, gave the historical background of this association and then proceeded with achievements made along his tenure. As he said, AERG/ ULK Gisenyi members took part in various activities among others, visiting some memorial sites, rehabilitating needy people’s houses and fundraising tuition fees to orphans. Besides, he thanked the then RPF Inkotanyi army for their bravery in stopping genocide against the Tutsi. Before reminding members to join hands during the forthcoming 21st Commemoration of genocide against the Tutsi, he requested them to be defined by love, team-spirit and avoid unbecoming manners for a brighter future.


In the same perspective, Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel requested AERG members to own national values and strive for excellence by doing what is right if they really want to make proud those who rescued them from the hands of the evil. “You should aim high and do what is right and do it right by abiding by the seven national values. Failure to do so means a big disappointment to our army spearheaded by H.E Paul Kagame”, he emphatically told them.

Innocent KABANDA, Ibuka Representative in Rubavu District

Corroborating previous speakers, Innocent KABANDA, Ibuka Representative in Rubavu District, thanked the then RPF Inkotanyi army for their sacrifice to save lives and then he expressed his gratitude to the Founder and President of ULK, Prof Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda whose innovative spirit brought about the existence of ULK, a university at which a considerable number of genocide survivors have continued to draw knowledge for a promising future. “Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda deserves my deepest thanks for having put in place a university at which many genocide survivors have so far drawn knowledge for their decent lives”, he was quoted saying.

Major Gen. Mubarakh conveys event's main speech

When the due time came, Major General Mubarakh MUGANGA, guest of honor, made it to the podium and addressed the cheering crowd that gathered in the room. In his remarks, he thanked AERG members for their oneness and requested them to do whatever it takes to excel in their studies.

Remarks by DVC Academics

He also reminded those in the room that as Rwanda is getting ready for the 21st commemoration of genocide against the Tutsi, security is fully guaranteed to ensure nothing abnormal occurs during such a period. “Our defense force is vigilant and stands ready to teach a serious lesson to whoever might wish to create havoc during the 21st commemoration of genocide against the Tutsi”, he reassured participants.
Having started with a word of prayer, the function ended in another word of prayer said by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics.

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