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AGEULK elections and Swearing in ceremonies

AGEULK is a general association gathering all Students of Kigali Independent University.

The Committee members of that umbrella are annually elected by the college of representatives elected in each promotion.

The elections of the 2012 committee took place on March the 18th 2012. As usual, the Committee has to swear in two weeks after elections, the swearing in ceremony took therefore place on the 1st April, 2012.The event took place from 10:30am-1:30pm.

There event was attended by students from different promotions, Dean of Faculties, Head of Departments as well as Lecturers and other different staffs of the University.

The Guest of honor was Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA BALINDA; President and Founder of ULK.

During that event, certificates of merit were delivered to Class Representatives and members of the out-going Committee for the recognition of their commitment.

In his speech the President of the outgoing committee, Mr. SEBUDANDI Moses exposed before audience different achievements for the mandate 2011. He said that, different goals and aims were reached in partnership with Authorities of ULK and commitment of all members of the out-going committee and thanked all of them.

He invited the new committee to make path forward to go further and achieve more. He profited the same occasion to show different trophies won in different competitions organized in the framework of fighting against drugs usage by the Rwandan Youth as well as those organized by ARIPES (Association of Private Higher Learning Institutions and Universities).

The new president of AGEULK; Mr MUGENZI Elie said that the new committee will do all its best to improve services to be rendered to Students and foster the collaboration and cooperation with ULK authorities as well as other public or private organs and Institutions.

Speaking at this occasion, The President and Founder of ULK, Prof.Dr. RWIGAMBA BALINDA thanked both committees and promised a strengthened and continuing collaboration and partnership. He addressed his thanks to the outgoing committee for its achievements. He concluded his speech calling upon the out-coming Committee to select six more needy students to be supported by RWIGAMBA FOUNDATION, and this constituted a great sign of good and strengthened partnership.

He also called upon all Students to have ethical values and reminded them that the motto of ULK is «SCIENCE AND CONCIENCE» and called them upon to bear it always in mind.


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