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On 29th February 2019, ULK/Gisenyi Campus Community gathered to witness the swearing in ceremony of AGEULK New Committee. On the same occasion, there was a handover ceremony, whereby the outgoing committee passed the lead to the new one.

As a matter of fact, the event was graced by folk songs and traditional dances, not forgetting the presence of Guild Presidents from other institutions of higher learning; UTB/Rubavu, INES/Ruhengeri, Muhabura Integrated Polytechnic, IPRC/Musanze, just to mention but a few.


Have now taken the lead: ISHIMWE Pacifique (President), HAKAMINEZA Clever (Vice President), NTWALI Claude MUSONERA (General Secretary), MURAGIJIMANA Christine (Treasurer), MUGANJI James(Minister of Academic Affairs), MWISENEZA Willy (Minister of Sports, Culture and Hobbies), RUMANYIKA ISSA Gazelle (Minister in charge of Public Relations),  UWANYIRIGIRA TUMUKUNDE Anitha (Minister of Gender), UMUTESI MBABAZI Jessica (Protocol), MAPENDANO Christian (ICT),  MAZIMPAKA Prince (President of arbitration and control committee) NGABO Espoir (Vice President of arbitration and control committee, CYIZA Yvonne (Secretary) MUTABAZI Heritier (First Advisor) and KAHUMUZA Peter (Second Advisor).

In his address, the new Guild President, who took over Mr. NGABONZIZA Robert, expressed his gratitude to the students for having invested their trust in him by voting for him. He subsequently, gave a brief account of what he and the team under his lead have pledged to achieve throughout their mandate. Most importantly, he pledged that they stand more than ready to do their utmost to satisfy the students they will be representing.

“First and foremost, I wish to thank you all, I mean the students who voted for me as well as those who did not. My team and I have set a good action plan and we stand more than ready to achieve it. My team and I are going to do all it could cost to satisfy you with our hard and honest work.”

Speaking on the occasion, the Director in charge of academic services, ISHEMA Pierre, who was the guest of honor, thanked the outgoing committee for having successfully accomplished their mission. Besides, he thanked them for having been collaborative with the university’s officials throughout their mandate.

On this special occasion, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to the outgoing committee for their great achievements. It’s no wonder that you stuck to the pledge you made last year and good enough you achieved the goals you set. The way I see it, the outgoing committee’s key to success is nothing else but hard word and collaboration with the university’s management. To this I wish to request the new committee to follow in the outgoing committee’s footsteps (…)”, he was quoted saying.

It is on the guest of honor’s remarks that the function was brought to close.


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