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Leadership, be it for public or private institutions, is like a play in which players come and go. William SHAKESPEARE was right when he echoed, “the entire world is a stage, and all the men and women are merely players: they have their exits and their entrances”. This is the same for leadership whereby leaders rule along their tenure and when their term touches its climax, there is no other option other than leaving the throne for a new team to take over. It is in this vein that on 6th March, 2015 a hand over and swearing in ceremony took place at ULK Gisenyi Campus between AGEULK outgoing committee and their counterparts making up the incoming committee.

In a bid to better get into the mood of the day, University Bible Group Choir, commonly known as GBU and their counterparts belonging to CEP Choir made it forward for their uplifting gospel songs. Their songs served as a warm up exercise to participants.


This triggered the ceremony emcee to hand the microphone to Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, to lead participants in a word of prayer so as to kick-start the ceremony. Shortly after he had prayed, he was asked to proceed with his welcome note. In his welcome note, he reminded what the function was all about.
Shortly after the welcome note, the floor was given to the outgoing guild president, Amani Balinda, for his speech. He highlighted different activities realized while he was still at the helm of the students’ leadership. As he said, everything pledged was achieved. As soon as his speech was over, he called two students who registered tremendous academic achievements over the last academic year, notably Gentil Habimana from 4th year Accounting and Fidèle Nshimiyimana from 4th year Finance, and then he requested the campus senior management to award them sealed envelopes. He said that those students were awarded because they helped their colleagues to learn effectively and register good results. Beyond this, they emerged among the top performers over the last academic year scoring more than 80 marks. He urged students to emulate such an underpinning example.

“These students are awarded because they showed a selfless spirit by engaging their colleagues into discussion groups and explaining to them lesson contents. Apart from this, they are among the students who got great distinction over the last academic year. You should therefore emulate this example of theirs”, he was quoted saying.


The next on the agenda was the swearing in session. As it was organized, every new committee member would be called and asked to hold the national flag and express their oath while their right hand is stretched upward.
When the swearing in session came to an end, the incoming guild president, Ismael Bayingana held his speech .He thanked the outgoing committee for a wonderful job done during their mandate. He then went further to unveil a list of activities his team is set to realize. As he put it forth, they are to urge students to join English club, take part in National Itorero activities, mobilize neighboring communities to join hands in cooperatives, cooperate with institutions of higher learning, to mention but a few. He also made it clear that his entire team is to do all it can to ensure that ULK students remain the light of the society. “ My entire team and I are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that our deeds and behavior be a leaf the society can borrow to live a dignified life”, he said.

No sooner had the new guild president ended his speech than the floor was given to Mr Nsengiyumva Mupenzi, Dean of students for his address. In his remarks, he thanked the outgoing team for their hardworking spirit and requested the new committee to draw lessons from them. He even pledged to provide full support in whatever the new committee might find worthwhile in scaling up the students’ body. “Many years down the road, commendable strides have been made within AGEULK. You are requested to follow in the footsteps of your elder brothers and sisters to keep aiming high”, he advised the new committee.
Mr. Nsengiyumva’s speech was followed by a session of awarding merit certificates to the outgoing committee. As a team that was lauded to have contributed significantly to the progress of the campus, they undoubtedly deserved to be recognized by awarding them certificates. This exercise was smoothly led by the campus senior management.


The next step was to lend ears to the speech of the day, the one to be held by Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics. In his address, he thanked the outgoing committee and expressed his gratitude to the new committee to have braved different positions which they were eventually voted for. He also requested them to work as a team for huge results. But most importantly, he advised them to abide by the university philosophy if theirs is to embrace tremendous fruits.

“To the new Students Representative Council, you will do everything in your power to be successful. In so doing, remember that a true servant abides by his master’s philosophy. That’s why, having faith in God, knowing your mission on earth, having positive thoughts and living ethical values should be your weapon towards success”, he tipped the new team.

All is well that ends well. The function began with a word of prayer, it also ended with the prayer from Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Mr Alexis Karara.


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