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ULK (Kigali Campus), February 15, 2015 AGEULK newly elected committee members sworn in. AGE ULK is the General Association of all Students of Kigali Independent University ULK. The Committee members of that umbrella are annually elected by the college of representatives elected in each promotion.

The event was attended by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Post Graduate Studies and Research, Dr Karambizi Sylvestre, Head of Departments, Director of students, district and sector representatives, as well as both outgoing and incoming committee members.
The Guest of honor was Dr. Ezechiel Sekibibi, Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University ULK.

In his speech the President of the outgoing committee, Mr. MANIRAGABA Justin exposed before audience different achievements for the mandate 2014. He said that, different goals and aims were reached in partnership with Authorities of ULK and commitment of all members of the out-going committee and acknowledged their efforts. Apart from their daily activities, the outgoing committee also focused on a smooth collaboration with ULK authorities and participation to different activities organized by the government.

The new president of AGEULK, Mr. MUGABUDAHEMUKA Gerald said that the new committee is committed to improve services to be rendered to students and foster the collaboration and cooperation with ULK authorities and liaise with public or private Institutions in a bid to develop the career of students through professional internships, debates,….

Addressing the audience, Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University, Dr. Sekibibi Ezechiel said his vote of thanks to the outgoing committee for their discipline which led to a number of best practices. He also expressed his thanks to His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda as well as the Founder and President of ULK.
The Vice Chancellor urged the new committee to work hard and take part in different activities organized at the level of the University, the country or the East African Community.
During that event, certificates of merit were awarded to members of the out-going Committee in the recognition of their commitment.
In their turn, in recognition of the education and ethical values ULK provides to students, the latter presented gifts to both the Founder and President of ULK and the Vice Chancellor. The Representative of students said ethical values which they were imparted by ULK help them successfully achieve their goals.







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