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Year in, year out AGEULK New Committee swears in. It is in this pespective that yesterday 20th February 2017, ULK/Gisenyi Campus community gathered in the main hall to witness the swearing in ceremony of AGEULK New Committee. This function was subsequent to a very warm race which had marked the elections a week before. Topped the ladder in that race was Mr. Boris GANZA, a second year finance student.

As a matter of fact, the event was graced by folk songs and traditional dances, not forgetting the presence of some officials from Rubavu District.

Are now taking the lead: Boris GANZA (Presidency), Robert NGABO (Vice Presidency), Desire MUKUNZI (General Secretary), NIYONSENGA NYOTA (Treasurer), TWIZERE K. Olivier (Academic Affairs), Hassan Pappy (Sports, Culture and Hobbies), DUSHIMIMANA Anne Marie (Public Relations),  UMUTONI Delice (Gender), NYIRANGIZWENIMANA Grace (Protocol), not mentioning the arbitration and control committee members.

Shortly after taking an oath, the Guild President took the floor. In his address, he expressed his gratitude to the students for having invested their trust in him by voting for him. He subsequently gave a brief account of what he and the team under his lead have pledged to achieve throughout their mandate. Most importantly, he pledged that they stand more than ready to do their utmost to satisfy those that they will be representing.

“To be frank, the race for the guild presidency was not a piece of cake at all as I thought before. Thank you so much indeed for having helped me to make it. I promise my team and I will do all it could take to satisfy you with our hard and honest work.”

Speaking on the occasion, DVC Academics, Prof Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel who was the guest of honor, thanked the outgoing committee for having successfully achieved their mission

He said, “As we gathered in this same venue last year, the outgoing guild president pledged, on behalf of the committee under his lead, to do all it would cost to satisfy ULK/ Gisenyi Campus along his mandate. Undoubtedly, you stuck to your pledge and achieved all the goals you set. To this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The DVC Academics went on to brief the taking on committee by addressing them a word full of advice and inspiration.

“It is no wonder that many of this campus’s students joined the race for presidency or any other position, but they were not lucky enough to win the elections. Others wished to join the race, but they could not make a step forward because they did not feel self-confident. To this, I want to tell you that you were courageous enough to join the race. Moreover, you were privileged enough to win the trust of many of your fellow students. We have all watched you taking an oath today. You went even further signing performance contracts. This is very significant indeed. So please do not take it for granted. Make sure you always abide by what you have pledged to do during your mandate”, he was quoted saying.

It is on the guest of honor’s remarks that the function was brought to close.

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