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Friday, September 5th 2014 Peace Ndekezi, a year three student at Kigali Independent University, in the department of International Relations was appointed EAC Youth Ambassador to Rwanda in the 3rd EAC University Students’ debate on Regional Integration and Henry MWUMVANEZA her deputy, who also is in year 2 International at Kigali Independent University, .
This took place during the 3rd EAC university student debate on Regional integration which is normally organized every year and for this year it took place in Nairobi at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa from 4th – 5th September 2014.

The Debate format was structured in a way that Debaters were either on the affirmative team or the alternative strategy team. It had a total of 30 debaters drawn from both private and public universities in East Africa that were competitively selected upon submission of qualifying essays.

The Debate had 6 teams, team composed of 5 debaters from all the five Partner states.
The theme of the debate was,

‘A federated Eastern African Community: A prerequisite for economic Development and Sustainable Peace and Security in the EAC Region Africa.’

The Motion was “This house believes that sustainable development and peace and security can only be achieved through political federation.”

Judges took a number of factors into consideration when assessing the debaters and they were expected to prove how well up they were in the following:

  • Research;
  • Interpretation of motion;
  • Knowledge of the EAC organs and how they are related to one another;
  • Persuasiveness of arguments
  • Eye contact;
  • Audibility
  • Use of humor and time management.

It is also worth disclosing that 4 debaters from Rwanda are students at Kigali Independent University (ULK) and other 2 debaters from University of Rwanda.
All EAC Youth ambassadors were urged to speed up the EAC processes and be involved in the integration process through education, training and mainstreaming youth issues into EAC policies, programmes and projects as one of the strategic interventions towards the realization of a fully integrated community.

The Guest of Honor in the function was the EAC Secretary General Ambassador Dr. Sezibera who asked them to not be led into the following three temptations namely: temptation of living in the past as an excuse for many people who are not ready for change; the temptation of failure and blaming others and finally the temptation of failure to imagine a future different from today.


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