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Lucky is a government whose partners follow in its footsteps by complying with the regulations and policies in place. The government of Rwanda is one of such  governments whose partners usually abide by the policies and plans at hand. One of such partners is Kigali Independent University ULK. As an institution of higher learning, it helps the government in one way or another to achieve some of its preset goals. As a typical example, on 18th February 2016, a team of lawyers led Mr Hodari Edgad visited ULK Gisenyi Campus with anti-corruption message to convey to its community.

The message they had for the campus community was not theirs. It belonged to the government. The government of Rwanda has since time immemorial been at the forefront when it comes to curbing corruption. In this framework, it uses various actors such as politicians, lawyers, academic institutions, etc. to disseminate the anti-corruption message so that those who will live to see the years ahead, may live in a corruption free country.

Talking to the predominantly youthful community, Mr Hodari Edgad, head of the delegation reminded them this year’s theme which goes, “Fight corruption, build injustice free country”.  As he said, this theme is not a random result. It took the government time to consider it as a leading theme whose message teaches Rwandans something valuable.

He went further to let those in the room that public awareness is key to reaching one’s goals. As he vindicated, when people embark on anti-corruption campaigns, the impact will be enormous and will contribute positively to the betterment of the nation.

As a lawyer, he talked with facts. To this, he quoted some of the articles of the penal code such as 633, 634, 635 to mention but a few. The articles aforementioned revolve around corruption and its adequate sanctions. His move to speak with facts made the audience more interested in what he was saying as it could be seen through their facial expressions.

The main speaker pointed out some types of corruption such as handing a certain amount of money to someone so as to be given a favor, sex-related corruption, to mention but a few. However, he reiterated that the latter case of corruption is very complicated as it is not easy to find evidences.

Shortly after he had conveyed his message, the floor was given to the audience for questions and comments. To the audience’s delight, all the questions were answered by both the presenter and the team he was with.

In his concluding remarks, Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel, DVC Academics, thanked the delegation for their constructive message and promised them that the university will to all it takes to denounce the ills of corruption so that the future of Rwanda may be corruption free.

A word of prayer marked the end of the function.

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