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It goes without saying that giving blood is giving life. Pushed by their philanthropic spirit, ULK Gisenyi Campus students kindly donated blood to be provided for the needy. The blood donation exercise was carried out on the campus today, Tuesday the 16th February, 2016.

Good to say, a stream of students joined the exercise and delighted the team which was deployed to the campus for that purpose. Satisfied, one of the delegation stated, “We can’t thank you enough for your willingness to save lives by selflessly donating blood to those who need, be it in Rwanda or beyond its frontiers. Indeed, there many people out there dying because of the deficiency of blood in their bodies”.


“It’s no wonder that an act such this is of paramount importance, and it is a move worth emulating by any human being (…)”, he added.

Mr Ismael BAYINGANA, AGEULK president, thanked his fellow students for their humanitarian deed revealed through blood donation. He went on to encourage the team behind the exercise to frequently make it to the campus as students are always ready to donate.


Everything considered, all blood donors present at the exercise pledged to keep donating blood and sensitizing reluctant students to join the noble activity in the days ahead. It is on this note that the gathering was dismissed.

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