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ULK Gisenyi Campus community was overjoyed when Western region Reserve Forces Commander, Brig. General Eric MUROKORE paid them a visit on Friday 16th May, 2014.
His visit was not about sightseeing but it was meant for sharing views with the campus community through his dialogue dubbed, “Patriotism: Key to sustainable development”.
Before deepening his dialogue, he made a quick review of the historical background of Rwanda in terms of security. Going back to early ages, he recalled that the Rwandan security started facing shortcomings in the 19th century when white colonizers settled in.
“White people landed on our soil, and troubles started since then. They hindered our security by introducing their discriminatory policies. To this, Rwandan people lost their oneness and togetherness which had kept them strong for so long.
He went further to narrate how the ideology of the white settlers was used by post independence authorities in Rwanda. Such an ideology, as he said, is what culminated into the 1994 genocide which took more than a million lives away.

“The fact that visionless authorities paid a heed to the divisionism politics led to the barbarity we went through in 1994”. He told the participants.
As he argued, the only option to stop inhuman practices which were orchestrated countrywide was to launch a war against the former regime and overthrow it. This is when RPF decided to take action and militarily reacted on the ills which were being committed in the country.
“After seeing how Rwandans were being persecuted, RPF under its military wing opted for war to rescue Rwandans from the hands of the evil”, he enthusiastically said.ULK_Murokore_Students.jpg
Before concluding his talk, he emphasized the importance of patriotism especially among young people. He said that young people are the hope of the country’s future. They should therefore stand ready to protect their country, strive for its betterment by doing what is right.
“I am very much honored to be talking to young people like you. You are studying to become important people not only for yourselves but also for your families and your nation at large. You are the ones to take the lead tomorrow”, he briefed students.

Everything considered, the floor got opened to participants to raise questions. Given the number of people who asked questions, one can say MUROKORE’s dialogue came at an optimum moment.
At the end of the day, the Vice Rector Academics, Dr. Cyeze MUNYAMASOKO Emmanuel thanked the speaker for his informative dialogue and then wound up the function with a word of prayer he personally said.

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