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As Rwanda gets ready to celebrate the National Heroes Day, the Chancellery for National Orders and Decorations of Honour (CHENO) delegated MURAMUTSA Etienne and UGIZENEZA Janvière to address the entire ULK community on Heroism.
The National Heroes day is annually celebrated on 1st February and this year’s theme as disclosed by the delegation is, “Ubutwari mu Banyarwanda: Agaciro Kacu”, loosely translated as Heroism among Rwandans: Our Dignity.
The lecture was introduced by a word of Prayer which was led by Mr. MANIRAKIZA Jean Baptiste who also doubled as the event moderator.
Shortly after the word of prayer, Dr. KARAMBIZI Sylvestre, the Principal of ULK Polytechnic, introduced everyone in the room and then he welcomed the speakers to deliver their message.

In his remarks, MURAMUTSA Etienne said that Rwandan heroes are honoured to serve as role-models for every Rwandan who is still alive.
“The fallen heroes and those still alive serve as an example for all Rwandans. They are our role-models and whoever wishes to become a hero should follow in their footsteps by living ethical values such as patriotism, unity, honesty and hard work”, said MURAMUTSA.

He went further to expound that National heroes are divided into three categories, namely Imanzi, Imena and Ingenzi. As he said, Imanzi is a word that literally means something spotless. To this, the category is home to two heroes notably, Maj. Gen. Fred Gisa RWIGEMA and an unknown soldier. The former was among the key liberators who initiated the struggle to liberate Rwanda in 1990 and he lost his life on the battlefield. The latter is a soldier who represents all the combatants who died, still alive and those in the future who will fight for the goodness of Rwanda and its citizens.
Besides, Imena is the second category which houses heroes such as King III Rudahigwa, Mrs. UWIRINGIYIMANA Agatha (once Prime Minister of Rwanda), RWAGASANA Michel, NIYITEGEKA Félicité and Nyange Secondary School students. All these heroes were defined by outstanding deeds which aimed at making Rwanda a land of brothers and sisters where each and everyone felt dignified and loved. Unity and wellbeing of Rwandans served as the common denominator among all these heroes as the speakers put it.

UGIZENEZA Janvière disclosed this year’s theme and elaborated on why the theme was chosen. As she said, heroism should be celebrated in tandem with the dignity of Rwandans.
“Heroism and dignity go together. A hero strives to be self-reliant because the future of a nation mainly depends on its nationals, not the outside world. That’s why this year’s National Heroes Day is to be celebrated under that theme. This is to remind all of us Rwandans to always remember that no one else will build this country other than us”, she said.
Towards the end of the lecture, questions were asked and then answered to the satisfaction of the attendees.


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