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Whether we like it or not, education remains the foundation of any progress we may be proud of. A country may register tremendous strides in various sectors of life, but the catalyst that makes all those achievements possible is none but education. It is this very reason that pushes nations from all over the world to heavily invest in education. Some people yield the fruits of education using their own resources while others depend on some external sponsorship to better complete their desired education.

It is in this framework that different kinds of scholarships have been initiated to enable brilliant people whose academic dreams would faint due to inability to personally bankroll their education. Chevening Scholarships are some of the scholarships that have been playing an important part in this commendable initiative. As a typical example, on 25 August, 2015, they sent a delegation to explain to ULK Gisneyi community what their scholarships are all about.


In a bid to make them feel at home, Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel, DVC Academics, warmly welcomed them through his welcome note. In his remarks, he reiterated the importance of education and requested those in the room to follow attentively the explanations that were to be given by the delegation led by Nick Rowland, International Liaison Officer for Chevening Scholarships.


Shortly after the welcome note, the floor was given to Nick Rowland to shed more light on what Chevening Scholarships are all about. As he said, Chevening Scholarships are awarded by UK government to outstanding future leaders to pursue a one-year Master’s degree in any subject and at any UK university. He added that future leaders may be found in all fields of education not necessarily those having to do with administrative positions.
“To be a leader doesn’t necessarily mean to hold an administrative position. One may be a leader in whatever field of life he is attached to. For example, if people may borrow a leaf from what you are doing, in that case you are a leader in your field,”, he told the participants.


Along his explanations, he put it forth that applications are now open and they are to be closed on 2nd November, 2015. He therefore encouraged participants to apply before the expiration of the allocated time. He went further to let them know that selection takes place under the auspices of an impartial team which goes through all applications to see those meeting all the dues. As he made it clear, the mastery of English language is a prerequisite and no one can be awarded a scholarship unless they meet this requirement.

Shortly after throwing some light on what Chevening Scholarships are all about, the audience was allowed to ask questions and add some comments. This session was dominated by questions which, the presenter alongside the team he was with answered satisfactorily.


At the end of the event, Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel thanked the delegation for having chosen ULK for their message and encouraged participants to spread the message so that a significant number of Rwandans may stand a chance and see whether they may take a flight to UK for their Master’s program under the sponsorship of Chevening Scholarships.

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