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CISCO Corporate Affairs Manager in EAST Africa to reinforce ULK CISCO Academy

The Cisco Local Academy at ULK hosted an exceptional visit by Mrs. Hitaj Muraj the CISCO Corporate Affairs Manager in EAST Africa Thursday 27th June 2013.The visit was intended for partnership and cooperation for the sake of reinforcing the ULK academy through training, module and facilities exchange.The guests were cordially hosted by the Founder and President of the Univesity Prof.Dr. RWIGAMBA BALINDA with other Senior Authorities of the Faculty of Science and Technology as well from Top Management.

As put in plain words by the CISCO Instructor and Lecturer at ULK Mrs. UMUTESI Liliane, the Academy at ULK has made promising advancements as regards to training ULK students to become enabled for worldwide job market competition. Currently, the academy registers 135 trainees who are entitled to online CISCO exams at completion of each chapter and a final exam at the end of which international certificates are awarded. In addition, cisco package is integrated in academic curricula along the four years of computer science speciality. As a matter of fact, the Cisco modules are exclusively used for IT essentials, networking, network security as Dean Dr NDAYAMBAJE Pius explained.

On the behalf of the university, the Director of Research , Postgraduate studies and Cooperation Lecturer Indoha Janvier expressed deep appreciation to Mrs. Hitaj Muraj, the CISCO Corporate Affairs Manager in EAST Africa, for the willingness to further cooperation with ULK. As from the Dialogue, Mrs. Hitaj Muraj promised her support in information sharing, training of instructors, advocacy for visibility and dispensing CISCO equipements for hands-on activities particularly for wireless installation and management. Mrs. Hitaj Muraj congratulated ULK for the recorded achievements, she also thanked the management for its outstanding support in terms of equipment and hostage. “This center is impressive” She said. In close future, new Cisco packages like IT Essentials, Passport21, Entrepreneurship, Network security are yet to start being offered at ULK.

Great news!!! the international CISCO Conference in East Africa fixed in 2014 is to take place in RWANDA at ULK.

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