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Commemoration of the Genocide against Tutsi

Kigali Independent University (ULK ) in collaboration with the Association of students survivors of genocide (AGEULK) organized and held a commemoration week in the memory of the genocide perpetrated against Tutsi. Conference panels of discussion, fund raising and aids collection as well as other activitites were carried out prior to the commemoration night of the 18th May 2013.The theme of year is “Commemorating the genocide against Tutsi, striving fro self-reliance”

Genocide its root and uproot requisite
As expounded by the Speakers Dr Diogene Bideri, a senior Research Consultant at CNLG and
Mr. KARINAMARYO Telesphore, for the genocide against tutsi to occur, there had been certain preconditions tailored by the Belgian colonists and implemented by the regime of the first, second, and third republic. The destructive ideology – spread out through public discourses, media, graffiti- was implanted whereby the Tutsi were made less than fully human and not entitled to human rights at large. Formerly considered as social classes, the tutsi ethnicity was identified and separated out from the hutu ethnicity to prepare the marginalization, polarization and extermination of tutsi. The speakers remarked that the regime had been discriminating the tutsi whether for job, education, administration or army recruitment opportunities. Following this dehumanization, the tutsi died atrocity death in 1959,1962, 1973 yet the killing cases didn’t attract any legal attention though there were good fact to prove that the string of killings stemmed from a genocide ideology.
The audience was bought to refocus on the practices of good governance principles, living moral and ethical values, in other to overcome the effects of genocide. The sovereignty of their country is in their hands to shape and give it a proper identity and bright hope for sustainable development.


ULK community remembers
The community took a walk to remember from St. Famille cathedral to the Gisozi memorial site where they paid tribute to the bodies of genocides victims resting there. During the commemoration night songs by different choirs were performed as articulated with elegies, messages of hope and an item of genocide survivor’s testimony by Ms. MUKAMPETA Aimee Claudine who shared a powerful and touching witness reflecting her bright hope to have a better future and fulfill her dreams. The function was attended by ULK Senior Managers; the Rector and The Vice Rector Research and Post graduates Studies and other Directors. The commemoration night was graced by the presence of the guest of honour the Minister of sport and culture Honourable MITARI Protais saluted the determination and the willpower of AGEULK students to have managed to prevail over the wounds of genocide. The Minister inspired Rwandans in general, and genocide survivors in particular, to safeguard and improve the numberless achievements so far marked in terms of unity and development of the country.


The Minister urged the audience to become light-bearers of positive change by searching through themselves and make use of their unexploited potential so as to perform even more than expected. Self-reliance will help Rwandans overcome the ruins caused by genocide.

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