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Commissioner Lieutenant Colonel Michel Innocent Peya Unveil his Book at ULK Kigali

“Between Common Sense and Absolute Power Change : Africa at the Crossroads”

The first time of his experience as a Leader, Commissioner Lieutenant Colonel Michel Innocent Peya has unveiled his publication to proffer a platform of discussion in order to actualize Africa’s self definition as far as democracy is concerned. The book is entitled “Between Common Sense and Absolute Power Change: Africa at the Crossroads”. It was officially unveiled to Rwandans at ULK Kigali, on the 22nd October 2014 with a talk deal and a dinner. The event was opened by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Kasai NDAHIRIWE. This publication was first launched in Paris and Brussels, and then brought to Rwanda, Burundi and DRC thereafter.
Throughout his talk, the presentation gave rise to a quite deep discussion with some interrogation as narrowed as:
Which better way should Africa take absolute power change or common sense?
Are the African traditional leading models more constructive than open amendment to the country constitution in Africa?
Will common sense bring about political stability and economic growth to African countries?

Lieutenant Colonel Michel Innocent Peya at ULK Kigali Campus
As the researcher plainly put, it comes to the people, Africans, to determinate the right road to take though there is still a need of enlightenment for Africans to see the benefits of defining their democracy themselves.

As the researcher observes, the blind transposition of Western political theories, models and practices have always triggered for country self-destabilization and self-destruction. Only because of the cultural complexity and the failure to contextualizing the application of Western style democracy to African mind and culture. “Western style democracy is a luxury for African people” said the Research quoting Jacques Chirac.

The publication has explored parallel cases from different trans-national political history from different places and time contexts. The research conclusion was drawn from studying the cases of Libya, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Iraq, and Congo-Brazzaville whereby the author emphasize the inefficiency of absolute power changer and point out the way common sense prevails – as the myth of termites’ mounds.

“Ants are renowned to their teamwork skills. They find strength through unit. They have their democracy adapted to their lives. Whenever the Queen Termite is dislodged from the nest, the termite mound is disintegrated and torn down. “The departure of a visionary Leader often lead to deluge, chaos and terror in the country” Michel Innocent Peya suggests.

All in all, the author calls upon Africans to define their democracy, facing African authenticity. After all, democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people.
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