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Conference on International Criminal Justice at ULK

On 25th May,2012, the Faculty of Law (Lecturers and students) had a conference on International Criminal Justice.

The main speaker, The Senior Legal officer of International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda(ICTR), Mrs Anees AHMED, accompanied by BAYINGANA Janvier, explained the background, establishment, effectiveness and efficiency of International Criminal Court.

He also addressed to the audience the issues concerning the transfer of some cases from Arusha to Rwanda.

Mr. Anees AHMED differentiated international crimes:

 Crime of Genocide
 War crimes
 Crimes against humanity
 Etc

Mr. BAYINGANA Janvier, in his speech, explained the protection of witnesses of the Genocide against the Tutsi.

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda promised a strong collaboration and cooperation in the future in order to strengthen the faculty of Law:

 Offering internship to ULK students (from the faculty of Law) at Arusha
 Supervision of memoirs of ULK students by specialist from Arusha
 Providing training to the members of the faculty of Law(students and staff)
 Lecturers of the faculty of Law can go and conduct research at Arusha and exchange experiences
 Visiting and helping the faculty of Law

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda appreciated the progress met by the University in general and the Faculty of Law in particular in terms of infrastructure, equipment, quality of Education and students intervention.

It also appreciated the contribution of Kigali Independent University to reconstruct the Country destroyed by the Genocide.

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