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“Repetition is the mother of science”, so goes a saying. Indeed, good things are worth talking about over and over to ascertain they are internalized. It is in this framework that on December 2nd, 2015 ULK/Gisenyi Campus had great privilege to host Mr. Sinamenye Jérémie, the Mayor of Rubavu District, and Major General Mubarak Muganga, Western Province Military Commander Officer.


Both officials gathered ULK/Gisenyi Campus Community to increase its awareness on NDI UMUNYARWANDA, a programme by the government of Rwanda aiming above all at strengthening unity among Rwandans.

To let the ball rolling, the Engineer Nsengiyumva Juvenal, the Master of Ceremony, led the gathering in a word of prayer.

It followed that Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, made his introductory remarks after which the Mayor of Rubavu District took the floor to give a general overview of the programme.

He made it clear that for Rwandans to live sustainably in harmony and develop their country, they should feel Rwandans, be proud to be Rwandans, accept to belong to Rwanda, to own Rwanda, just to mention these.


General Mubarak Muganga intervened in the second instance to supplement the first presenter. As a matter of fact, he followed in the first presenter’s footsteps as he emphasized the need of building up “Rwandan Spirit” among Rwandans. To get there, he briefly traced the history of Rwanda, showing the contribution of colonizers to destroying “Rwandan Spirit” among Rwandans, which destruction led to the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994.

Eventually, the General called upon the participants to embrace mindset change and opt for oneness spirit thanks to which Rwanda will become a really united, developed nation and envy of many across the sub-region, the continent and the world at large.

Satisfied with the briefings made by the two presenters, the audience enthusiastically thanked them. It is on this expression of satisfaction that the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics Dr MUNYAMASOKO CYEZE Emmanuel requested the participants to take the message home and make sure they contribute to internalizing the objectives of NDI UMUNYARWANDA Programme among Rwandan citizens.


All is well that ends well. The Deputy Vice Chancellor said a closing prayer and thereafter the gathering got dismissed.

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