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ULK/ Gisenyi Campus English Club led by Miss FEZA Clémence, in collaboration with AGEULK, organized a debate competition which was carried out within the campus premises, on Wednesday 22nd June, 2016. The competition in question brought together four secondary schools operating around ULK namely Gisenyi Adventist Secondary School (GASS), Gisenyi Science School (ESG), ETENI and Centre Scolaire de la Fraternité (CSF).
Upon their arrival, pupils first toured the campus. They marveled at the equipment of the university, above all, the campus lab.
One of the pupils who could not hide his feelings put it, “I wish I could join ULK for my undergraduate studies as soon as I’m through with my secondary school. There’s no shadow of doubt that ULK will train we to become competitive in this world of ours (…)”

DVC Academics addressing participants

To kick-start the event, Dr. MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, DVC Academics and guest of honor led the gathering in a word of prayer. He subsequently made a few remarks whereby he highlighted the importance of debating. “Beloved pupils, I wish to congratulate you on your initiative to participate in such a debate competition. It’s no wonder training to debate at your age prepares you for holding decision making positions in the future. This is justified by the fact that debates enable you to develop your critical thinking ability, your problem solving ability and most importantly debates boost your communicative competence”, he was quoted saying.
The main motive behind this competition was to assess communicative competence among Rwandan secondary school students. More so, the competition sought to look into how they perceive issues facing the youth today, drug abuse among others.

Winning team posing for a photo with DVC Academics

In the first round, GASS faced ESG while ETENI faced CSF. Interestingly, both groups debated professionally. Debaters from each school proved to be acquainted with old school debating format. Besides, they could manipulate the language of Shakespeare with such ease that the audience watched in amazement. Everything considered, ESG and CSF qualified for finals after defeating their counterparts from GASS and ETENI respectively.

First run-up team being awarded

As a matter of fact, the finals were unique and one of a kind. Either team moved heaven and earth to get victorious. It was hard for the audience to predict the winning side. Led by fairness and ingenuity, the judges eventually announced the winners: ESG.
It followed that the guest of honor proceeded with handing in rewards to the winning team. Good to say, every participant was given a certificate. That being done, debaters, teachers who had accompanied them as well as all the people in attendance, gathered to jubilate in a cocktail prepared by AGEULK.


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