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Accompanied by two officials of the university (i.e. Vice Chanchellor and Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics), the Founder and President of Kigali Independent University ULK, Prof Dr. RWIGAMBA BALINDA, made it to Gisenyi Campus, yesterday April 3rd 2019. Upon his arrival at the campus, there was a great number of people; students, teaching staff, administrative staff, and so forth. They were all eager to hear from him.

It should be noted that the visit of the Founder and President of ULK coincided with a visit by secondary school students from ‘INSTITUT MONT GOMA” operating in Goma city/DRC. Their visit aimed at cultivating their partnership with ULK, partnership that started in 2015.


After the welcome remarks by the coordinator of the campus, Mr. ISHEMA Pierre, the Founder and President of ULK thanked the gathering and particularly the visitors from Goma. He went further to unveil the purpose of his visit.

“I wish to thank you all for being here today. To the school authorities and their students from Goma, visiting our university today, I say thank you very much indeed and may God bless you abundantly. Well, the major purpose of my visit to this campus today is to introduce to you the newly appointed Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, Dr. LUBWANA Joseph Ntege, a man of virtue.”He said enthusiastically.


The Founder and President of ULK thanked the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics for having proved his worth to the university through his hard and excellent work; designing new course programs, just to mention among others. Still there, he unveiled the secret behind the success of ULK.

He said, “It goes without saying that the success of ULK lies in its philosophy and principles. More so, ULK is making a difference thanks to its good managers, its quality teaching staff, its quality resources, quality students, just to mention but a few.”

Given the floor, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics thanked the Founder and President of ULK for having invested his trust in him. Good enough, he pledged to work hard to ascertain he satisfy ULK.

“I can’t thank the Founder and President of ULK for having appointed me Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics.  I’m indeed, very pleased to be working for this widely known and well-reputed institution. Throughout my service, I pledge to use my expertise as an educationalist of long standing to ascertain I satisfy this institution with my hard and honest work.”He was quoted saying.

After the speech by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, the Founder and President of ULK took the floor to brief in students on the major keys to success at university.

“Beloved students, you should always strive for excellence so that you can leave this university fully equipped with knowledge and skills needed at the labour market. For you to succeed, there is a set of secrets you have to take into account, notably: regular class attendance and active participation, regular personal work, group work, mastery of computer tool, mastery of English and reading and/or research (…)”  He briefed the students.

Everything considered, the Founder and President of ULK blessed the gathering through a word of prayer, and that brought the function to close.

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