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On 23 May 2018, Dr. BIDERI Eugene from CNLG briefed ULK students and staff on the role of writing and reading books. Since he was talking under Café Littéraire, an event organized by the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG), his talk mainly centered on genocide.

Café Littéraire, a session at which literary works are discussed, is organized by CNLG as part of efforts to educate the youth about the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and how its denial, minimization and revisionism can be prevented.

It was a session in which a number of literary works by different authors were discussed for the participants to fully get the gist of the genocide against the Tutsis.

The function took place at one of the ULK event halls and was graced among other participants by Dr. Ezechiel SEKIBIBI, the Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University ULK, Mr. Théoneste MBONIGABA, the Director of Students Services and Customer Care, ULK staff and students, name it.

Dr. BIDERI, who is both a lecturer at university and an author of a number of books, had come with some books that mainly talk about the crime of genocide so as to urge the participants to wholeheartedly fight this heinous crime.

Among the books he had come with include those he personally wrote such as “Le massacre des Bagogwe, un peuple de génocide Tutsi” (The massacre of Bagogwe, a People of Tutsi Genocide) and “Rwanda 1994:  La Couleur d’un Génocide” (Rwanda 1994: The Color of a Genocide).

The speaker urged the participants to write and read about the history so as to better fight the denial of the genocide against the Tutsi. He also told the participants that writing is not something scary when someone is determined to it.

“You shouldn’t find writing something difficult and challenging. All you need to do is getting information on what you want to write, and then you dedicate your time to it. You should therefore give you time to writing and document the history of the country for the generations to come to be able to know what really happened”, he told the predominantly youthful audience.

In his concluding remarks, Dr. Ezechiel SEKIBI thanked the speaker for his time and constructive message, and then he requested the students and staff to actively take part in reading books for broadening their knowledge. Thereafter, he encouraged the audience to continue reading about different works on history.


“I would like to thank Dr. BIDERI Diogène for his time and important message he has given to us. I believe his message awakens our minds to actively take part in writing and reading books for a better tomorrow. Our library is always open for whoever comes and aspires to read. We should therefore dedicate ourselves to this noble cause,” she told the participants.

In a question answer session, the event came to a close.

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