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The visit by Dr. Enrico Martucci with the delegation he was with, left the entire ULK Community especially those in the Polytechnic Institute thrilled. It is a visit held on December 8th, 2016. The reason behind the excessive excitement was due to the fact that they were introduced to aviation sector in a very clear way.

Using PowerPoint and some other videos, Dr. Enrico Amartucci proved to be an expert in what sky swimming is all about. Along his presentation, the audience could be seen looking in awe as a sign of excitement and appreciation.

In his talk, Dr. Martucci explained a number of elements including military aviation, commercial aviation, civil aviation , general aviation, sport aviation, to mention but a few.

Talking about sport aviation, a point that interested many, he said that this field includes many different kinds of flying equipments such as Light Sport Aircrafts or LSA, Hang Gliders and Motor Hang Gliders, Gyrocopters and Paraglider and Motorparaglider.

People say, “Great minds think alike”. This adage is unequivocally true and meets what Dr. Martucci did during his presentation. While delivering his explanations, he could quote some other scientists to better meet the audience’s expectations and win their trust. Indeed, he was right to do so, as he believes that science without reference is barely trusted. Aware of this, Dr. Martucci quoted scientists like Newton where he said that heavier things , such as airplanes, must find some way to push air or gas downwards, so that a reaction occurs  to push the aircraft upwards (Newton’s law of motion).

Another point he tackled was general aviation where he expounded saying that general aviation flights range from airplanes, gliders and helicopters to corporate business jet flights. Additionally, he made it clear that the majority of the world’s air traffic falls into this category.

To be frank, the presentation by this scientist climaxed while the audience was still yearning for more. After the function, one of the participants said that he wished the presentation could go on uninterrupted but time became a stumbling block.

“When Dr. Martucci was explaining, I was following eagerly and carefully wishing him to continue without stopping. But time worsened matters only to leave me desiring for more”, he said.

“I wish he would once again come and tell us more about this interesting sector. Aviation is something I like and it marvels me in such a way that I always wish to know more about it. It’s therefore a privilege and honour to receive a pundit like Dr. Martucci who is well up in this field. He has wetted my appetite and I believe he will one day return to fully satisfy us”, he added.

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