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ULK Kigali Campus, September 11, 2015 Kigali Independent University ULK was privileged to host a workshop on assessment in higher education conducted by Dr. Innocent Mugisha Sebasaza. The workshop brought together ULK officials as well as the teaching staff.

In his welcome remarks, Dr. SekibibiEzechiel, Vice Chancellor of ULK thanked Dr. Mugisha Innocent for having accepted and honored the invitation to come and address ULK academic staff on assessment in Higher Learning Education.
In his presentations “Dilemmas of assessment” and “Fourteen rules for better assessment in Higher learning education”, Dr. Mugishatold participants that teachers are confronted with dilemmas of assessment having to do with length of answers, misunderstanding of questions, grading the curve, exam strategy, interference with internal affairs of an institution and the true estimate of a student’s learning.

He emphasized that whatever kind of assessment they conduct in class, they are duty bound to link it with the objectives of the course and learning outcomes.

“Every single mark is to be counted for taking into consideration learning outcomes and what the course was intended for”. Dr. Mugisha said
He called on lecturers not to make their own instructions part of assessment process when they are not in line with the objective of the course. In addition,he asked them to have a positive mind when they are assessing and should give comments about how learners might improve.

“The purpose of learning is to help individuals solve problems in life. As lecturers you ought to believe in what you teach if not, you will miss the outcomes of the course”.Mugisha said

If we fail to comply with the above pieces of advice, students will end up studying lecturers instead of the course they teach. Dr. Mugisha concluded
This session was very interactive and at the end lecturers asked questions which Mugisha answered satisfactorily.

In his closing remarks, Dr. EzechielSekibibi thanked him for his presentation which everyone benefited from. He said that such pieces of advice would help the institution work hard to improve the quality of education.

Dr Mugisha Innocent interacting with ULK academic staff

Academic staff asking questions

Lecturer DDumba Arafat asking questions

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