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Being in the seventh heaven is never something that comes from the vacuum. It always has to be triggered by a given factor or root-cause. This was the same case for the entire ULK Gisenyi teaching staff when Dr Ndayambaje Pius along with the team he was leading visited them for E-learning training. This took place from 6th through 7th August, 2015.

In a bid to ensure smooth training, the exercise kicked off with a word of prayer said by Dr Roger Ruterahagusha and it proceeded with a welcome and opening note by Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel, DVC Academics.


In his remarks he thanked the trainer for his time dedicated to equipping instructors with e-learning skills and then urged participants to be all ears along the training so as to grasp what the current technological world has to offer especially in teaching sector.
“I would like to wholeheartedly thank Dr Ndayambaje for having willed to whet our minds in e-learning skills. To this, I would like to request you all to lend him your ears as he enters deeper the contents of his training”, he said.


Given the floor, Dr Ndayambaje started by explaining the essence of e-learning. In so doing, he said that the idea to teach and study online came after people had realized that it was no longer a prerequisite for a student to always appear before a teacher for knowledge.

“With the advances of technology, students should be taught to personally get knowledge instead of being perpetual dependents who always wait for the teacher to come and throw some light on the contents of the lesson. The teacher should act as a facilitator and allow learners to discover more about the lesson, thus e-learning skills remain a milestone to make this materialize”,

he was quoted saying.

Participants who had all computer mice within their palms could be seen amazed as the trainer went further explaining more about e-learning. However, they deserve to be amazed. It was their first time to be introduced to such technological trends in teaching. They all expressed their appreciation and said the decision to train them in e-learning was a move in the right direction.



Asked what he thought such training was to change in his teaching methods, Mr Hagumimana Frank, lecturer at ULK Gisenyi, said that the training is to stand as a catalyst for better teaching as it will enable him to talk to his students even when he is away from the classroom. “We have been shown how to leave an assignment or even an important announcement to students without having to physically meet them. Therefore this will enable me to always remain in touch with them for mutual benefits”, he proudly said.

It should be noted that trainees were trained on a number of issues like how to create one’s profile, how to assign students, how to set an examination, how to instantly answer students’ queries through chat, to mention but a few.
All is well that ends well, so goes an old adage. At the very start trainees could be seen as if they were starting from a scratch but at the peak of the training, a lot of gains had been registered. This stunned the trainer who requested them to keep practicing so as to discover more about e-learning system.

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