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ULK (Kigali Campus), March 4, 2015 EAC ambassadorial team, composed by ULK students who attended EAC Youth debates organized a sensitization session in a bid to develop the awareness of ULK community on the EAC integration processes.

Those in attendance at the event were the Vice Chancellor of ULK, Dr. Ezechiel Sekibibi, Director of students’ affairs Mr Mbonigaba Theoneste, Public Relations Officer Mr Claudien Rudasingwa and students.
The main speaker was Mr. Jean Pierre Niyitegeka, Director of Social and Governance Unit in the Ministry of East African Community (MINEAC).
After a word of prayer said by Peace Ndekezi, EAC Youth Ambassabor; in his opening remarks, Dr Sekibibi Ezechiel thanked and warmly welcomed everyone present at the function and extended special thanks to organizers who did their best to make the event possible.

He said that the difference between a poor person and a rich person lies in how they take advantage of information. Actually, rich people do not take information for granted. In addition, he reminded students that nothing can be done today without globalization and integration because there are a lot of opportunities which go along the above concepts. Therefore, he urged them as the future of EAC and Rwanda to embrace such opportunities and use them to improve their lives.

Given the flow, Mr. Jean Pierre Niyitegeka told students that he compares the integration of Rwanda in the East African community to a fight between a person and a tiger inside a small hut. The efforts it can take him/her to fight the tiger can be compared to the efforts Rwanda can make in a bid to meet the EAC challenge in the process of integration.
The director of social and governance affairs at the ministry of East African Community Mr. JEAN PIERRE NIYITEGEKA, Republic of Rwanda, gave a presentation on the four stages of integration, its opportunities and challenges that face the youth of EAC.

This was a golden opportunity for him to give pieces of advice to young people. Therefore, he cautioned them to work hard in order to acquire skills and knowledge so that in turn they will be able to grab opportunities available in the community.

He told them that they should think of competitiveness right at the beginning of studies because it is nowadays claimed that business complains about incompetence of graduates. He also reminded them that the culture of saving should be part of their life as a key to personal development.
The EAC youth ambassador, Mss. MUKAZI NDEKEZI Peace, gave a brief description of the ambassadorial team she coordinates and explained the importance for the youth to engage in the integration process. Other team members shared with students the benefits of being active in the EAC integration processes as young people and asked them to take courage to move the integration.

The discussion was open to the audience whereby students asked a series of questions in order to understand well what EAC integration is all about.
The event closed by Peace Mukazi Ndekezi in a word of prayer.

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