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EDPRS II Girijambo Workshop at ulk

Still aligned with the MDGs and the Rwanda Vision 2020 targets, the second phase of the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategies ( EDPRS 2)set four thematic areas which are: economic transformation, rural development, productivity and youth employment and accountable governance. The EDPRS 2 was launched the ministry of economic planning presenting to Rwandan population to have their say on the targets and priorities .

Tuesday 12th March 2013, SEKAMONDO Francois a delegate from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning met with ULK students from both masters’ and undergraduate programmes in a workshop which was intended to allowing consultation for finalizing the EDPRSII roadmap.

The workshop was graced by the presence of the Vice Rector Academics Dr. Kasai Ndahiriwe and officially opened by the Vice Rector Academics Lecturer OKOKO OSAMBO who reminded students that being intellectuals entails their role as think –tanks, opinion leaders they should therefore play a fundamental role for achieving complete country development.

Prior to workshop discussion, the Speaker SEKAMONDO Francois from Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning in the section of National Development Planning and Research briefed the audience about Rwanda’s Achievements towards Socio-Economic Development from the EDPRS 1.

To mention a few :

  • Poverty levels was reduced a rate of 13.2% in rural areas of the country while national poverty rate fell from 57% to 45% .
  • Enrolment in primary and secondary school has increased with introduction of fee-free 9 year basic education
  • Eradication of malaria and reduction of HIV and maralia-related deaths
  • Gender disparity trimmed down and
  • The welfare of the population increased.

The discussion from the workshops came up with different observations to take into consideration so that EDPRS2 bridges the areas of improvements detected from the EDPRS 1 in the aim of creating of the targets with the principles of priorities, inclusiveness so that the strategies keep aligned with district targets in order to be effective and sustainable.


The main aim of EDPRS 2 is to ensure a better quality of life for all Rwandans

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