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Meetings, seminars and the like are some of the opportunities through which members of a given organization sit and exchange ideas on a number of issues especially on what can boost the fame and performance of their company. It is in this spirit that on Wednesday, 14th January 2015 ULK Gisenyi Campus organized a seminar that brought together the entire staff ranging from Nursery School, Primary School (EPGI) and University wing. Two main speakers led the seminar in question; that is, Prof. Dr Rwigamba Balinda, the Founder and President of ULK and Dr Sekibibi Ezechiel, the university Vice Chancellor. Another important personality who had come with the delegation was Mrs Nyirashyirambere Marie Louise, Deputy Legal Representative of ULK whose prayer marked the kick off of the seminar.
The first speaker to break the ice was the Founder and President of ULK whose presentation was dubbed ““Culture, Customer care and participatory management.” He reminded staff members that they should strive for quality service bearing in mind that the world of ours is home to only one boss, the customer.

As he explained, the culture defines a group of people. It tells who they are and how different they are from other members of the human family. Shedding more light on ULK Culture, he recalled the four principles on which lies the philosophy of ULK; notably, having faith in God, knowing one’s mission on earth, having positive thoughts and living ethical values.

To this, he added that ULK has a culture of believing in God as the supreme master of the institution. He therefore reminded participants to continue doing what pleases the Creator because failure to do so may cause troubles to them one day.
On the issue of customer care, he stressed that the customer is king; he is the boss because no company can register tremendous success without customers. “You should be good at receiving whoever visits you, greet them, smile at them and provide them with possible help no matter the status of their problem”, he briefed the participants.


As for the issue of participatory management, he highlighted that workers of a given institution should work together as a team to ensure progress in different areas. It is in this framework that he called for mutual interaction between senior officers and their subordinates. “Being senior officer does not mean that one may behave the way he/she wants. There has to be mutual interaction between high-ranked and low-ranked officers if our institution is to keep moving forward”, he said.

When the president’s message came to an end, the floor was given to the university Vice Chancellor to unveil the contents of his presentation entitled, “The Bus trip to Greatness”. The first glance at this subject rose curiosity in the minds of many of the participants. Indeed, they were eager to get to know what it actually implied. But shortly after he had thrown some light on what he meant by the title everyone felt interested in it. As he said, a bus is compared to an institution; passengers are workers of that institution, while the destination is compared to outstanding achievements. As it was expounded, this title was derived from Jim Collins’ book, “Good to Great”. He therefore requested participants to evaluate themselves and see whether they are endowed with all the requirements to board the bus. In other words, to see whether they are the right people to be serving ULK as an institution that strives for excellence.

All is well that ends well, so goes a saying. Shortly after Dr. Sekibibi’s message, the founder and president of ULK made it forward again to wind up the seminar. While concluding, he urged participants to roll up their sleeves and make significant impact in line with the spirit of the institution.

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