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A true private institution rallies alongside the government towards the achievements of the latter’s objectives. Having this in mind, ULK Gisenyi Campus vowed to never let down the government when it comes to assuring a smooth running of activities. It is in this framework that on Tuesday 11th November 2014, the government through its Itorero Commission sent Commissioner Marie Josée TWIZEYEYEZU to officially launch the second phase of Urugerero at both ULK Gisenyi and RTUC Gisenyi.

students and staff planted approximately 1000 eucalyptus species

The launching activity coincided with a tree-planting exercise that attracted staff and students from both universities. These trees were planted on Mount Rubavu at one of its flanks that looks bare with no tree on it.
Being proud to make their area and country at large look beautiful, students and staff planted approximately 1000 eucalyptus species. To make this exercise go well, a team of students led by well-known moral boosters motivated planters through various songs.
Something worth reiterating is that Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, Dr Cyeze MUNYAMASOKO Emmanuel with his RTUC counterpart led students throughout this noble exercise.
ULK Gisenyi Campus
Shortly after the completion of tree plantation, participants made it to a nearby playground where various dignitaries such as National Itorero Commissioner, Army Chief in the Western Province, Police officials, Rubavu District Mayor, university officials, local leaders and many others were to brief them on a number of issues.
As soon as everyone had reached the place, the floor got given to Rubavu district mayor, Sheikh BAHAME Hassan for his welcome note. He made a colorful introduction of those in the function and thereafter requested students and residents to be all ears when different speakers are addressing them.

After the opening remarks, the microphone got handed to the guest of honor, Marie Josée TWIZEYEYEZU, NIC commissioner, for her message. In her remarks, she reminded that she had come to launch the second phase of Urugerero which will last for 5 months. “ Generally, urugerero lasts for 12 months, your students have already covered 7 months and we have come to launch five more months to make it 12 altogether”, she told participants.
She also reminded participants the seven values the government has put in place to enable Rwandans to live ethics-bound lives. She added that there are 4 training places where Rwandans are trained. They include village level, school premises, urugerero among others.
Quoting H.E Paul KAGAME, President of The Republic, she urged participants to strive for being civically-educated and abide by moral values since it is the path that will lead the country where it aspires to go. “Itorero was a place where Rwandans were trained to live in harmony with one another by observing values. You should; therefore, make sure that what you do complies with the national values, as our president said during the official launching of Itorero on 16th Novemebr, 2007,” she told participants.

Having briefed those at the gathering, she officially declared urugerero launch open.

 Maj. Gen. Mubarak Muganga at ULK Gisenyi
Since any human undertaking cannot be fruitful when security is in tatters, the floor got given to Major General, Mubarak MUGANGA to brief participants on security. In his message, he emphasized that the country’s security is at a satisfactory level and efforts are being combined to ensure that what befell the nation twenty years ago might not repeat itself.
“Our country is currently among top secured countries all over the world. We are doing whatever it takes to ensure that this security prevails so that the tragedy we went through 20 years ago might not befall us again. We cannot allow anybody to jeopardize our security again”, he told participants.
The function ended in a dance for joy which brought together those at the function.

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