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Former ULK student and EAC Youth Ambassador to Rwanda, tips ULK Debaters

On 15th October 2018, Peace NDEKEZI, former ULK student in the Department of International Relations, addressed ULK Debaters to tip them on how to speak in public and think critically.

Her visit followed an invitation from the Debate Club committee members who requested her to come and brief the members of the Club as a former EAC Youth Ambassador to Rwanda, a position she held after her exceptional debate skills showcased during the EAC Debate Championship hosted by Kenya in 2015.

Before handing the microphone to the guest of honor, Mr. Jean Baptiste MANIRAKIZA, the Head of the Center of Languages at Kigali Independent University ULK, thanked NDEKEZI for her time reserved for addressing the debaters. He also requested the debaters to be all eyes and all ears so as to learn from the speaker’s experience as far as the world of debate and public speaking is concerned.

“We’re very much honored to be with Peace NDEKEZI, one of the students who have so far made our institution and country proud. As a former EAC Youth Ambassador, we believe she will inspire us on how to debate effectively. I therefore request all of you to listen intelligently and learn a lot from her”, he said.

Echoing how the idea to invite NDEKLEZI stemmed out their minds, SHYAKA Jesse Rayson, one of the brains behind the celebrity’s invitation, said that they met Peace NDEKEZI in one event that was taking place in Kigali and they requested her to come and share her experience with the debaters with the intention being to inspire them.

In her message, Peace NDEKEZI narrated how her success was not a result of random. It is something she prepared and sweated for. As she said, she could barely form a meaningful sentence in English when she embarked on her academic project at ULK. However, her spirit of knowing what she wanted, pushed her to read a lot, listen to different radio and TV programs in English as well as interacting with many people in English. With this initiative, her level of proficiency in English leapfrogged to the extent that the university entrusted confidence in her to represent it in various debate competitions until she was crowned East African Youth Ambassador to Rwanda after emerging one of the best debaters in the competition which was taking place in Kenya in 2015.

“Not all was a bed of roses when I started my university studies. I couldn’t easily form a sentence in English. Then, I determined myself to be reading English books, listen to broadcasts in English and interact with people in English. This initiative helped me considerably until I was declared EAC Youth Ambassador to Rwanda,” she proudly said.

NDEKEZI urged the debaters to be focused and never allow anyone to discourage them as some will laugh at them whenever they commit grammatical mistakes but this should not deter them from keeping the momentum as the future belongs to those who never give up.

“Speak and accept to be laughed at. There are some people who always laugh at others because of communication problems. Let them laugh and continue practicing your language skills until you reach the level of perfection where you will be amazing whoever listens to you”, she advised them.

Questions were asked at the end of the function and everyone marveled at the way NDEKEZI speaks and answers questions.

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