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Thursday, October 22, 2015, Founder and President of ULK, Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda, launched a three year project of construction of ULK Hospital as well as the School of Medicine. The aforementioned project has three parts namely Super Speciality Hospital, Hospital of Reference and the School of Medicine and will be run within Kigali Independent University ULK.

Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda said that such a VIP hospital will come in handy to help people get treatment for special diseases in Rwanda instead of going to such foreign countries as South Africa, India and other countries which are advanced in medicine in the region. All the medical services they go to look for in those countries will be found in ULK hospital.

Prof Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda, Founder and President of ULK

Prof Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda, Founder and President of ULK

The founder and president of ULK also emphasized that the hospital’s income will help run other services such as the general hospital and the school of medicine.

As regards the use of medical insurance such as Mutuelle de Sante and others, Prof. Dr. RwimbaBalinda said that they shall negotiate with medical insurance providers and come up with a solution to problems of patients who would use any of medical insurances.

“Our main purpose to start this hospital is to make sure that all patients get medical treatment.” Prof. Dr. Rwigamba emphasized.

The physicians who will work in that hospital are experienced medical specialists from India.

The School of Medicine will have studies such as internal medicine, dermatology, gynecology and graduates from the school will be given degrees which comply with the standards set by the Ministry of Health.
In addition, students will take a seven year programme and will take advantage of the Hospital to do internship in order to practice theories they will have acquired.

Engineers and Architects discussing on the implementation of the project

The project of construction is expected to be completed after 4 years; that is in 2019.

Another view of the building

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