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On 20th May 2019, people from all walks of life gathered in the stadium of Kigali Independent University ULK to grace a book launching event whereby Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA Balinda, the Founder and President of ULK was to launch his Christian book entitled, “INZIRA Y’UKURI Y’UBUGINGO BUZABANA ITEKA N’IMANA” loosely translated as “The right way of the life which will everlastingly dwell with God.”

It is an event which was attended by pastors from all Assemblies of the Bride of Christ(ABC)  operating in the country, the believers of the ABC church, ULK staff and students, members of the media, to mention but a few.

The book is a one fifty page work, and it comprises twenty chapters which are discussed with some biblical references to support the statements therein. As the author puts it, thirst to know God is human nature.

“ Throughout this publication, I have made it clear that thirst to know God is a human nature; but the only difficult problem people face is knowing the right way of the life which everlastingly dwell with God”, he reiterated.

As soon as the author had finished throwing some light on the contents of the book, the attendees were allowed to ask questions. Some of the questions asked rotated around the Prophet, William Marrion Branham, whom the authors get his inspiration from. As the author explained, Branham is the last prophet our earth has ever known.

It was also revealed that a pillar of burning fire was once pictured hovering above his head as a sign that he is a true prophet from the Almighty God. Again, his photo is currently displayed in the USA museum with the pillar of fire clearly seen above his head.



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