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Today 24th March 2017, the Founder and President of Kigali Independent University, Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA Balinda, officially launched the AYES Rwanda and RERF. AYES is an acronym standing for African Young Entrepreneurs Society while RERF is the Rwandan Entrepreneurs and Researchers Forum.  Both organizations work closely together to boost entrepreneurship across the country.

Prior to the official launching, a number of personalities delivered statements which are in line with the theme of the function. Among key note speakers were Dr. OKOKO Osambo, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University ULK, and Gilbert Banamwana the Founder and CEO of CIC Microfinance, Ltd.

In his statement, Dr. OKOKO Osambo explained where the idea to create AYES and RERF came from. As he said, it was first initiated by the United Nations University (UNU) back in 2009 whereby this university created a project geared towards the sustainable development in Africa. In a bid for this project to fructify, the idea to create an umbrella organization for young entrepreneurs and researchers came in.

He went further to say that when the project was launched in Africa, specifically in Nairobi; it had to expand to other countries of Africa including Rwanda. It is at this stage that Kigali Independent University was tasked to set up AYES-Rwanda Chapter and set up the forum for young researchers.  To this, he commended the efforts made by Kigali Independent University ULK in fulfilling its task with great distinction because everything the university was tasked to accomplish has already materialized.

RERF Committee at ULK

To date, both AYES-Rwanda and RERF are represented countrywide and this is due to the efforts and wise coordination of Kigali Independent University ULK. It should be noted that the board of directors for both forums were unveiled in this function.

Towards the end of the function, the floor was given to the Founder and President of ULK, Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA Balinda, who was also the guest of honor, to deliver his statement.

In his remarks, he shared with the audience his success story in the area of entrepreneurship. As he said, his idea to invest in entrepreneurship sparked into his mind back in 1990 when he created the University of Goma (UNIGO). Later on, he created Primary and secondary schools and then the university. He pointed out that, his ambitions remain high as he still has a top class hospital to establish in few years ahead.

ULK AYES RERF, Founder and Owner of ULK launches the 2 teams

Besides, Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA BALINDA said that those who are driven by fear cannot start projects tipped the audience on the how to effectively overcome fear in business.

If someone is afraid, he can’t start a project, he can’t get a loan from the bank. In order to overcome that fear, one has to be endowed with faith, determination, vision, planning, then implementation come at the end

- Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA, President and Founder

At the end of the function, the President and Founder of Kigali Independent University declared both AYES-Rwanda and RERF officially launched.

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