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On the third day of the induction week, 5th October 2016, ULK/Gisenyi Campus students were honoured to hear from the Founder and President of the university, Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda.

Upon his arrival at the Campus, the main hall was full beyond its capacity. As a matter of fact, fresher students were very excited to hear from the visionary man they had been longing to see face


To get the ball rolling, he said a word of prayer and subsequently went on to express his heartfelt gratitude to all new students , and particularly those from DRC, for their trust invested in ULK by choosing it among many other universities.

Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda induction week Gisenyi

“I’m very appreciative to you for having directed your choice to this institution. You could have chosen any other university, but good enough you made up your mind to embark on your university studies at ULK. Given this, we cannot fail to thank you and we pledge to never let you down”, he said.

Back to the context of the induction week, the Founder and President of ULK told the gathering an anecdote pertaining to the hardship new students went through, during their time, upon reaching university. He said that they underwent “bleusaille”, a bad initiation practice where fresher students were subject to humiliation rather than being friendly welcomed by upper classes students. Contrary to such a practice, ULK welcomes new students, initiates them to the university culture and practices so that they can feel at home.

It is on this note that the Founder and President of ULK tackled the theme of his presentation which was dubbed, “ULK culture and philosophy”. After clarifying what culture is all about, he pointed out the principles guiding ULK Philosophy, notably: to have faith in God, to know your mission on earth, to live ethical values and to have positive thoughts. He elaborated on each principle in such way that fresher students in attendance looked assured that ULK, as an institution of higher learning, is unique and one of the kind.

Before winding up his presentation, he made it clear that ULK is devoted to do its utmost to provide students with quality training. To get there, however, students should not fold their arms. It is in this framework that he briefed them on keys to success at university, notably: regular class attendance and participation, regular personal study, participation in group work, mastery of the language of instruction, mastery of computer, and reading.

That being said, a question-answer session was opened and unnumbered interventions, mostly implying an expression of satisfaction, were put forward.


All is well that ends well. To crown it all, a closing prayer was said by Prof. Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, the Campus number one.


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