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Free and Fair Election Means Fair willed Voters

The upcoming election
of the deputies is fixed on September 2013.

As Rwanda has made bigger step in terms of preparing and carrying out
transparent and democratic election, the President of the National Electoral
Commission Prof. Dr. KALISA MBANDA officiated a civic education session to ULK
community to remind them of their rights and obligations as voters and

The conference was
featured around the election of deputies, the rationale, process as well as
procedure. The Speaker recalled the fact that the involvement of the population
is key factor leading to a positive end of any electoral phase.  Voters
should engage in a responsible and conscious election to vote for good leaders
who are able to fight for public interest in order to help the country
achieving its development goals.

As parliamentary
election draws near

Prior to the electoral
campaign which is to start, the electoral commission has initiated civic
education mentorship to voters at large. The training was tailored to instruct
Rwandan nationals about democracy and good governance, democratic election as
well as the role of citizen in achieving democratic election.


Democracy: what it is
meant to be

The speaker has pointed out that democracy
consists of a political system for choosing and replacing the government
through free and fair elections. It requires an active participation of the
people, as citizens, in politics and civic life without undermining the human
rights of all citizens and the rule of law, in which the laws and procedures
apply equally to all citizens. In this regard, voting from a fair will is one
of the requirements of citizens in a democracy. 

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