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Today May 13, 2015 RDF Chief of Defense Staff, General Patrick Nyamvumba met ULK community as regards RPF battle to stop the genocide perpetrated against Tutsi in 1994.

The event was introduced by Vice Chancellor, Dr. Ezechiel Sekibibi with opening remarks and a word of prayer. Also, he recognized the presence of Founder and President of ULK, Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda.
Before he went further into details, General Patrick Nyamvumba said that genocide is a word which entails two points namely the intent to destroy people and the action itself.

He emphasized that genocide was an accident but a planned action. As a matter of fact, had the crash of Habyarimana’s plane been its cause, the genocide would have only happened in Kigali where it was shot from.

General Nyamvumba said that no one in this world ought to deprive others of basic rights such as the right to life; that is why when the genocide started and UN Army withdrew, RPF decided to stop it and saved victims.

He took time to describe how the battle was planned and implemented until it was won.
When they launched an attack, the purpose of RPF’s battle was to stop the genocide, overthrow the government and to establish a new politics;


He In order to achieve the focus was mainly on seizing RTLM (radio which was sensitizing the killing of Tutsi even before genocide started) and on interrupting French operation whereby the target of France was to push back RPF army from different provinces including Kigali City.
Irrespective of the efforts made by RPF army, many challenges were faced with during the struggle to stop the genocide. However it was worth costing RPF army an arm and a leg to address them.

Those challenges include the following:

  • The speed of the genocide;
  • Differentiating soldiers and civilians;
  • Reluctance of foreign nations as far as genocide was concerned;
  • Big number of victims in need of support compared to less capacity of RPF (eg: military and humanitarian operation);
  • Set free the captives taken by killers,..

General Patrick said that in the aftermath of genocide, other attempts to continue the genocide occurred. For example the defeated killers attacked the country from exile but all in vain.

“Though the genocide was stopped, even today killers still intend to continue their evil works”. General recalled.
The Chief of RDF Defence staff said that there is another battle to fight and win. That is about those who deny the genocide.
“As young people, you should know the challenges of your country and your responsibilities. You must fight against those who don’t believe what you believe as Rwandans”. General Nyamvumba said.
To conclude, Founder and President of ULK, Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda thanked General Nyamvumba for his impressive talk on the battle to stop the genocide.

“We are very grateful for God to have used to stop that horrible genocide and for your spirit of sacrifice. We cannot thank you enough for that.” Prof. Dr. Rwigamba said.

He also expressed his vote of thanks to RDF army for their endless commitment to serve the country in peace, medical and social areas such as peace keeping missions, community works,…
He also thanked the government of Rwanda and asked everyone to support its leadership.

The event was closed with a word of prayer said by Founder and President of ULK.




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