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When Goma/ DRC secondary school students and teachers visited ULK Gisenyi Campus in June 2016, they requested the campus management to give them a hand by training them in English language. Their request did not hit a deaf ear as on 4th July, 2016 two lecturers teaching English skills namely; Mr . Nizeyimana Sylvain and Mr. Manirakiza Jean Baptiste crossed the border into DRC/ Goma City to respond positively to the schools’ burning desire.

ULK Gisenyi,Trainer Sylvain Mushobora Nizeyimana in action

Trainer Sylvain Mushobora Nizeyimana in action

The training ran from the above mentioned date through 26th August, 2016. Proving their desire of knowing the language of William Shakespeare, they massively and actively participated in all organized training sessions from start to finish.

In a bid to better train them and make sure that no one misses such a golden opportunity, two centers got availed notably; Isidore Bakanja  Institute and Mwanga College.  The former is close to ULPGL, an institution of higher learning, while the latter is located at the heart of Goma city, just a few meters away from the border.

Since the trainees’ desire was to be able to manipulate English language, their trainers found it worthwhile to train focusing on the four communicative language skills, i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing. It was a routine to always engage the trainees into activities that make it possible to practice the four skills at ago.

Something worth commending is that a delegation led by Mr. Kabasha Médard, Director of Academics, could from time to time visit the centers to see how trainees were progressing. Such regular visits could enable them to suggest ways through which the training could be much more profitable. Indeed, they could avail necessary means to make sure that trainees would not be disappointed at the end of the training.

ULK Gisenyi, Trainer Sylvain monitoring trainees’ speaking activity

Trainer Sylvain monitoring trainees’ speaking activity

Along the training, it was revealed that most of the trainees wanted to sharpen their speaking skills more than the three remaining skills. This being the case, the trainers put special emphasis on speaking activities such as debates, dialogues, discussions, and the like.

ULK Gisenyi, Debater Sarah Bahati showcasing her debating skills

Debater Sarah Bahati showcasing her debating skills

No wonder, the initiative yielded positively and this was proven by the way trainees impressed everyone including the guest of honor, Dr. Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel, who had come to officially close the training. Exchanging controversial views on the motion, “NO EDUCATION, NO LIFE”, they happened to convince the entire audience that speaking English is not a hard nut to crack but a piece of cake.






In his remarks, Dr. Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel, DVC Academics, expressed his satisfaction vis-à-vis the progress made by the trainees merely in two-months period of time. He also advised them to keep upgrading their level of studies by joining the university.

Closing remarks by DVC Academics, Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel

Closing remarks by DVC Academics, Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel

“I’m very much impressed by the unquestionable progress you’ve made in English. These debating skills you’ve showcased are a witness that you can now use English language differently from the way it was before the training kicked off”, he said with beams of smile on his lips.

He went on to stress the importance of education by recalling what Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”.

ULK Gisenyi campus, Group photo with some of the trainees

ULK Gisenyi campus, Group photo with some of the trainees



A group photo with some of the trainees marked the end of the closing ceremony.


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