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The call was made in a meeting that was held at ULK Stadium on 30th April 2018. MP Muhongayire Christine was addressing ULK staff and students on the indicators of the genocide against the Tutsi and the significance of safeguarding its facts.

Shortly after the word of prayer, said by Mr. Jean Baptiste MANIRAKIZA, the Vice Chancellor of ULK, Dr. Ezechiel SEKIBIBI, grabbed the microphone to welcome the parliamentarian at Kigali Independent University ULK.

In his welcome remarks, the Vice Chancellor thanked the MP for having honored the invitation on giving a talk iat Kigali Indepdnt University. He later on requested the audience to be all eyes and ears so as to intelligently get the MP’s message.

In her statement, MP Muhongayire Christine gave the historical background of hatred in Rwanda whereby she stressed that hatred and divisionism go back in 1959 where numerous Tutsis were forced to leave the country with many others remaining homeless after their houses had been set ablaze. She also put it that such hatred and divisionism culminated into the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

“The genocide against the Tutsi didn’t happen accidentally. It was prepared, tested, preached and finally implemented in 1994. Back in the day, many Tutsis were evicted from their homes and forced to flee the country in 1959 while those who stayed inside the country withstood unceasing torture and humiliation”, she told the participants.

Hon. Muhongayire Christine told the gathering that media played a pivotal role in disseminating hatred and divisionism among Rwandans. She illustrated this statement by pointing at the then KANGURA Newspaper in which the so-called 10 commandments of Hutus featured.

“The role of media in spreading hatred for Tutsis is can’t be questioned. A typical example to this is the then Kangura Newspaper whose Chief Editor was Hassan NGEZE, in which Ten Commandments of Hutus were published. The commandments incited Hutus to hate and marginalize Tutsis because the latter were alleged to be the sole enemies of the nation”, she told the youthful audience”.

Towards the end of her talk, MP Muhongayire Christine, thanked the then INKOTANYI troops for their bravery that put an end to the genocide.

“We’re forever thankful to INKOTANYI troops who rescued the Tutsis from the hands of killers. Hadn’t been for their bravery and sacrifice, the situation would have become worse”, she said.

Before welcoming questions and comments, MP Muhongayire Christine called upon the participants especially the youth to strive for unity, love and the spirit of brotherhood to effectively shape a better tomorrow where divisionism has no room.


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